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  1. how to carry out box cox transformation in SAS
  2. SAS, GLIMMIX and residual plots
  3. Problem in running SAS Learning Edition software
  4. Writing SAS code for bootstrapping
  5. Help on SAS DATA Step
  6. Help! SAS
  7. Fourier Analysis with SAS
  8. Exact tests for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium using SAS
  9. SASassist help
  10. SAS code for GARCH
  11. Genralized Esitmating Equations in SAS
  12. Deal with error propagation in SAS
  13. Urgent: Howto Calculate Variance and Mean in SAS
  14. SAS coding help
  15. sas proc iml regression
  16. help with proc iml
  17. Reading (tricky) Data Into SAS
  18. SAS help
  19. SAS and the Complex Sample Survey
  20. Propagating the Error When Taking the Mean of 2 Values - How??
  21. logistic response
  22. Books on SAS Learning Edition
  23. Quick PROC SQL question
  24. Creating new variables
  25. warning
  26. SAS Graph
  27. SAS Stored process
  28. Syntax and Do Loops
  29. slicing and dicing a large dataset
  30. array representation
  31. Understanding Residual Chi-square Test in SAS
  32. Gls
  33. SAS to JMP, Script syntax?
  34. How to do Behavioural Segmentation in SAS
  35. Creating Objects in SAS
  36. SAS Chi-square Test
  37. Contrasts for 3-way ANOVA in SAS
  38. quick SAS v8 macro help
  39. nlmixed and classes
  40. SAS exam and code -- help please
  41. Testing Contemp. Correlation and Endog. in SAS
  42. SAS predictive Modeling exam
  43. SAS input
  44. Contemporaneous Correlation
  45. SAS help/general stats
  46. Subsetting unique data
  47. Importing complicated raw data into SAS?
  48. how to create deltas
  49. By Type Macro
  50. Scatterplot Matrix
  51. T distribution (urgent, pls help)
  52. effectiveness of a design
  53. Logistic Regression
  54. how transfer sas dataset by using macro?
  55. Data strings
  56. SAS programming question
  57. Proc mianalyze
  58. Proc sql query
  59. Selecting a denominator?
  60. monthly returns prog
  61. Proc sql: limit
  62. Correlation with several variables
  63. SAS code to compare cell entries?
  64. Something weird.
  65. weird logical doubt
  66. SAS data step doubt
  67. using estimarors as explaining variables in a second regression
  68. Column Analysis
  69. Obtaining standard deviation in SAS-callable SUDAAN
  70. SAS Progam
  71. new SAS book - preface (part 1)
  72. Reading Required SAS Output
  73. Shape and scale parameters in a gamma genmod?
  74. handling uneven sampling effort
  75. what is the sas command for
  76. grouping doubt
  77. A SAS question
  78. Another SAS question
  79. A SAS lifereg question
  80. help with Learning SAS in computer lab
  81. SAS format file creation with long string.
  82. removing blanks across columns
  83. Looking for SAS coder
  84. Proc macontrol
  85. help with proc princomp and proc reg
  86. Proc Print Keeps Hanging
  87. SAS Macro Function question
  88. inserting observations.
  89. Know how to use PRX commands/functions in SAS?
  90. Need help with Proc Power/ Proc GLMPower
  91. Calculating Standard Deviation
  92. a SAS question about surveyreg and genmod
  93. Plotting 3 Lines on the same Plot
  94. need help with proc sql to count the date
  95. output
  96. Alternating logistic regression
  97. How to number data consecutively per record?
  98. Help in arrays
  99. user defined array lbounds and hbounds
  100. Statistical modeling help - proc logistic?
  101. Proc Logistic vs Proc GLM
  102. Preventing truncation of tab delimited data input
  103. Merging fields to create dates
  104. SOS !How to run a "mediated moderation" using GLM in SAS
  105. Odds Ration CI - Wald - PL
  106. Proc Logistic with Backward Elimination - Output
  107. Graphing Var.A vs. Mean of Var.B
  108. Contrast Statement in Proc Logistic
  109. Type 3 Analysis of Effects
  110. 3 level hierarchical modeling with proc mixed and proc glimmix
  111. multiple comparisons using GLM
  112. GLIMMIX with categorical data
  113. Doubt in SAS Data Manipulation
  114. trouble with infile
  115. assign interviewee into groups
  116. missing value
  117. GAM procedure
  118. Saving output of regression
  119. Using Infile
  120. proc Mixed "by and class statements"
  121. Ddfm=bw
  122. how to put in a table statistics of regression
  123. Standard Error of the Residuals
  124. SAS output
  125. SAS system 8e installation
  126. Can you explain me more about data sets and outputfiles ?
  127. Standard Error of the Residuals
  128. SAS Proc for SVM
  129. Nonparametric problem
  130. Cochran's Q in SAS
  131. Need help coding error terms in PROC MIXED
  132. line plot problem
  133. SAS Array/Wildcard issue
  134. parameter estimates
  135. Outputting Missing Towns
  136. exporting with text qualifiers
  137. Creating 3-level variable
  138. PROC NLIN question
  139. Sum up values by groups
  140. fixing a dataset
  141. proc glm for randomized complete block design
  142. Sorting String Variable in SAS
  143. calculating revenues for different types of products
  144. summing up values by groups
  145. calculate time interval
  146. Draw a rose plot ( a complicated version of pie chart)
  147. Re: How to rank results for proc corr
  148. binning
  149. One sample z test
  150. Proc MCMC
  151. min observations
  152. EM algorithm
  153. small program needed
  154. Several variables to one? (index)
  155. "merge and delete" multiple databases
  156. Contrast Statement for Parameter Estimates
  157. Proc Phreg
  158. coefficient difference
  159. finding the mode
  160. quick panel data question
  161. Reporting of Fisher's exact test??
  162. Spline?
  163. Sas merge help
  164. proc gplot
  165. Proc mixed random: standard deviation equals 0
  166. Should be simple but...
  167. collinearity diagnostic for ARIMA intervention model
  168. post hoc test and means grouping
  169. Predicted Response using proc phreg
  170. proc mixed serial correlation
  171. VIF for Categorical variable
  172. t-stats
  173. Repeated measures ANOVA
  174. repeated measure analysis using proc mixed
  175. Genmod repeated measure analysis qs
  176. Beta distribution in proc genmod
  177. Insufficient authorization to access tree_items
  178. GMAP pattern colors
  179. Modeling:Rare Event Data
  180. time-varying covariates
  181. Dummy variable help
  182. Reading .csv excel file
  183. Masters Project SAS/Creation of Vars
  184. Data Preparation
  185. Data Manipulation Question
  186. Grouping & categorical question
  187. Need help with Proc Mixed
  188. Accuracy of Multinomial Model
  189. odbc connections to mysql databases
  190. Back Transformation
  191. Specifying "Successes" for proc lifetest
  192. Split split-plot in time
  193. Trend test using median
  194. Something similar to "paste" in R in SAS?
  195. need help with modified list input
  196. Quotation marks in macro
  197. Independent T-Tests
  198. Removing observations from sas file
  199. Proc Logistic - AIC, SC and parameter estimates
  200. Data Manipulation Question
  201. DATA manipulation and input.
  202. coerced sorting of variables
  203. Help creating new row relying on multiple variables in other rows.
  204. Coding and scorecard data collection advice.
  205. SAS Sql 'calculated' statment equivalent for SQL SERVER
  206. difference in correlated groups
  207. Independent Variable's Contribution in Logistic
  208. Hausman test
  209. Length of Numeric data when using PROC IMPORT
  210. requesting help converting sas7bcat file
  211. Import fixed format data into SAS dataset - with error
  212. Running sas macro with .net
  213. Min observations
  214. ZIP in proc countreg
  215. lag function
  216. Importing Column headings from a different file
  217. Rolling Correlation Window
  218. Modelling where the values of the dependent variable are all zero
  219. -infty t-value
  220. Proc reg
  221. Problem on installation
  222. TRANWRD and Arrays - why this simple program isn't working!?!?!?!
  223. questions about macro variables
  224. Help Please
  225. matching obs in two colms
  226. Weighted histogram?
  227. Random Selection in SAS
  228. help! problem with odf pdf for sgplot
  229. A class or frequency variable is missing on every observation
  230. New to SAS 9.2
  231. 2x2 factorial design analyses
  232. Creating a new variable based on data
  233. How to know table names and columns included in tables
  234. Storing a data in SAS library Permanently
  235. Searching observations from one data that appears in another dataset
  236. Mishkin test
  237. aceptance sampling
  238. Highest numbers
  239. Saving myself work making a table
  240. Does anyone know of a way to ...
  241. map value from current observation to all observations below
  242. how to see content of table in SAS
  243. Am I using the right using proc sort or by function?
  244. How to infile ugly data?
  245. 3-d MDPREF in Proc prinqual
  246. Estimating Theta in IRT 3PL with SAS
  247. randone and rantwo in panel/TSCSREG
  248. trend analysis
  249. Comparison Glimmix(SAS) and Gllamm(Stata)
  250. Proc Transpose