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  1. Compounding Annual Growth
  2. A textbook of Time Series Analysis
  3. Question on financial Beta
  4. Help with Analyzing Stocks
  5. stock market probability
  6. How to calibrate scores in credit scoring model
  7. Regress Prices or Returns?
  8. Overarching question for each domain
  9. Finance: best way of replicating a series using regressions
  10. Multiple Regression for Compensation Planning
  11. Mortality table for water heaters
  12. Logistic Regression
  13. correlation coefficient and slope
  14. Business survival rates
  15. Decision errors and sample sizes (VSP)
  16. Intraclass Correlation for test retest
  17. financial return/coefficient of variation
  18. Questionnaire data with multiple categories.. urgent!
  19. Assembly time for IKEA furniture
  20. Natural Neighbour Interpolation
  21. Time Series
  22. ANOVA or ANCOVA - how to standardize for body size
  23. Standard deviation question
  24. Interpreting and applying results PCA
  25. Manova
  26. Help with economics question
  27. panel data and price effect
  28. Maximum Likelihood Estimation Stata
  29. Looking to hire a modeler/programmer
  30. repeated ANOVA 3, correlation between sd and mean = problem ?
  31. analyzing time series temp data
  32. analysing the fiability of market shares study
  33. proper distance in cluster with factor variable
  34. Generate new image from principal components of many images
  35. Cluster analysis or supervised classification?
  36. std error of multiple dummy regression
  37. Standardizing by a mean?
  38. Confused about multifactorial design of proportions
  39. Comparing lower and upper quartiles while adjusting for covariates (Public Health)
  40. Drawing PCA
  41. writing anova results for a paper
  42. ANOVA based on questionnaire
  43. Standard Deviation - Daily vs Monthly
  44. sample size for medical statistics?
  45. Before and After Statistical Significance
  46. Exact p-value conflict with exact 95% confidence interval
  47. what to do after a chi˛ test
  48. A proper statistical test needed!
  49. Fitting a distribution to summary data?
  50. block of missing demographic info
  51. Good Visual Basic Text for statistics
  52. Multivariate data analysis
  53. how to quantify the variable differences of GLM?
  54. t(75)=2.75
  55. Accruracy
  56. Multiple regression
  57. Repeated-measures ANOVA and correlated variables
  58. Correct form of likelihood function for data which has only an upper or lower bound
  59. Significance in 3d graphs
  60. One way ANOVAs or Two way ANOVA?
  61. chi square problem.
  62. SPSS Confussion, what test
  63. significance of regression
  64. kappa when number of events is not predetermined
  65. correlations when observations are not independant
  66. Comparing matrices without a Mantel Test
  67. Fisher's LSD in Systat10
  68. From EFA/CPF to advice
  69. Correlogram, Periodogram, Partial correlogram
  70. Overlapping Normal distributions
  71. reporting of interactions and main effects
  72. Does non-linearity matter when testing interactions in a logistic regression?
  73. ARIMA model elasticity calculation
  74. Really general economy question
  75. Formula for Cohen's d effect size
  76. Statistical Analysis of Weather Variables
  77. Markov Switching Model
  78. Simulations and Volatility problem
  79. Multiple comparisons
  80. Which Stat analysis to use?
  81. all factor loadings negative?
  82. Statistically Measuring Wind Oscillations
  83. Combining instrument uncertainty with repeated measurement uncertainty
  84. Comparing and ranking many groups
  85. Small sample size...
  86. Hotelling's T
  87. Chossing test for 2 paired samples
  88. SOS help Required . which method best
  89. Declustering spatial data set
  90. Which n should I be using?
  91. Difference in differences
  92. Help with Master Thesis
  93. Sampling approach when large data set is available
  94. Correlation question
  95. roc analysis in spss
  96. Combining parameter estimates from many numerical simulations
  97. How to treat a data set consisting of several experiments with replicates
  98. Repeated Measures Anova for Analyzing Number or Errors
  99. did invention work? what statistical test?
  100. Surrogate model and Latin Hypercube Sampling
  101. What Test To Use? (Urgent)
  102. Variability of the Sum
  103. Fixed effects (Two-way) and standard errors (Huber-White/Two-way clustered)
  104. Estimating standard deviation from paired data
  105. estimate the probability density function
  106. count calculating
  107. find optimal interval
  108. Statistically significant probability: Am about to go mad!
  109. Bonferroni adjustment Z test?
  110. Standard deviation of Standard deviation
  111. not sure if Multiple Regression is appropriate
  112. Weighted Index
  113. Forecasting needed staff
  114. Which model fits the data best?
  115. skewness/kurtosis
  116. GLM with only one observation in group
  117. multivariate gamma distribution
  118. Doe help!!!!
  119. What test to use for unbalanced 3 x 2 experiment?
  120. Samples vs Population Similarity
  121. Combined Probability
  122. Planned comparisons, unequal cell sizes, and effect sizes
  123. Is this test suitable
  124. Real life examples for the following distributions
  125. Correlation for non-random data
  126. Finding the right stat test...help!
  127. Builiding a Model - Suggestions?
  128. Endogenous variables
  129. Estimating population quantile moments from samples with observation errors
  130. SOS - chi square possible if I have replicates of my frequencies?
  131. Interaction and post-hoc
  132. Adjusting for a covariate before discriminant analysis?
  133. An average of standard deviations?
  134. Approximate normal distribution and t-test
  135. Nonlinear Relationship between parameters
  136. Panel data, several years, several sectors
  137. Skewness and Stochastic Dominance of 1. order
  138. Sources for Kernel Smoothing
  139. Impact Evaluation without baseline, randomization, and unmatched data
  140. correlation vs causality vs insurance premiums
  141. Help needed please
  142. Anova
  143. Partial Adjustment Model
  144. Instrument Variables and Price Elasticity
  145. True / Compounded Risk of Ruin? investing with gambling bankroll
  146. Kaplan–Meier - Cancer Survival Rates
  147. Rubostnes of Estimators
  148. Repeated Measures MANOVA
  149. 2 sample T-test acceptable here?
  150. nuclear waste analysis problem
  151. Retail Sales Forecasting
  152. ordinary or extraordinary?
  153. Homework help
  154. Confidence intervals w/o raw data
  155. How to estimate the sample size from time series
  156. how to Predict the amount of labor hours required.
  157. Estimating the probability of a path in a time series
  158. Are the mean values statistically different?
  159. Please help with methodology for real estate forecasting. Thank you!
  160. Simple Statistics Query
  161. ROC statistics and 95% CI
  162. Need a copy of "Element of Econometrics"
  163. Using regression analysis to assess a quantitative model predictive power
  164. Correlations between dependent timeseries
  165. Test needed for reliability
  166. Testing for statistical significance of coefficients
  167. Risk Measurement
  168. Running Times Series and Cross Section Analysis separately over the same data?
  169. variance estimation
  170. Satterthwaite df in t-test
  171. Question on mathematical soundness of confidence interval data validity test
  172. Demeaning variables over different time periods and using them in the same regression
  173. Validity of a Financial Model
  174. Recruitment Discrimination
  175. chi squared query
  176. Similarity coefficient: which can I choose?
  177. Abstract
  178. Functions of Random Variable.
  179. frequency distribution
  180. Estimating the number of beneficiaries of Social Security
  181. The best sales forecast method for a week ahead
  182. Predicting Valve Failure
  183. Predicting chain link strength knowing failure strength of several chains
  184. Deriving the Regression Model when E (u | x ) = 1 + + 2x
  185. Assignment problem
  186. Attempting to correlate time and change in a variable
  187. Good Resources for understanding Time Series Analysis
  188. non-parametric comparison of multiple samples
  189. Preprocessing high dimensional & sparse data
  190. Expected Value and Utility - Simple yet very confusing
  191. A help in my thesis
  192. Principal component analysis
  193. ANOVA and post-hoc analysis
  194. who have experience on the Medicare and Medicaid Data analysis experiences
  195. bias in arithmetic averages
  196. Partial Gini coefficients
  197. Estimation of the position accuracy of 2 set of points with different cardinalities
  198. Should I play this game?
  199. PCA versus ANCOVA
  200. Comparing species using summary data
  201. General Applications of Various Statistical Techniques for Continuous Processes
  202. Statistical guidelines for law enforcement?
  203. Statistics as opposed to econometrics
  204. Estimating what score will meet target
  205. how to calculate a sample size, when comparing two proportions
  206. Conjoint Analysis Question: Estimating Willingness to Pay by Gender
  207. Mantel between similarity and dissimilarity distance matrices
  208. Taguchi optimization
  209. comparing LogLog model and Linear model
  210. Convergence / Divergence of currency pairs
  211. Correlation estimation
  212. Which analysis should I use? Ordered Probit?
  213. Selecting a statistical measure -- help needed
  214. Paired or unpaired test?
  215. Apply a transformation to distrubition?
  216. Method Comparison * T-test help
  217. OProbit: Understanding Pseudo-R2
  218. Single Data-Set Simmularity / Correlation - Which Method Should I Use?
  219. Best Model to use with Panel data for Trade Agreement
  220. Senior Design Project Data Analysis HELP!!!
  221. Paired comparison test for serially correlated data
  222. which test for sets of data
  223. Non parametric problems
  224. Software for Creating Box Jenkins Model
  225. Indefinite covariance matrix
  226. simple regression - (Market Model)
  227. How Many Samples Should I Build?
  228. IID RV with unknown distribution
  229. To catch a terrorist - Can ethnic profiling work?
  230. Social Network Analysis: anyone here familiar with it ?
  231. How to convert data to real price [ CPI ]
  232. How to make a matrix notation out of a model?
  233. Different results using covariance matrix instead of correlation matrix
  234. Stock Return Volatility - Plz help
  235. Probit Model
  236. Composite likelihood
  237. interaction (?): how to verify
  238. LDA vs Cluster Analysis
  239. help for testing hypothesis
  240. What type of analysis to use? (T Test?)
  241. Correspondence Analysis: help in locating article
  242. Bootstrapping question - comparing classifier accuracy
  243. in search of the right test
  244. EIS instrumental variables
  245. how to convert distance to probability
  246. Fitting distribution - Chi Square Test
  247. statistics applied to flow
  248. Time Series Analysis
  249. Compare two regression functions?
  250. Analyzing different subsets of same data