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  1. How to interpret the results?
  2. best biostatistics textbook?
  3. Iam stuck with this tough question
  4. Bayes Theorem / Contingency Tables
  5. Help
  6. Odds ratios
  7. Matched analysis for ordinal data
  8. Sensitivity and z scores
  9. Calculating significance for indepent samples
  10. time dependent covariate transplant analysis
  11. How to test for differences between sevaral factors
  12. Looking for some assistance
  13. Logistic regression
  14. Flora Z Statistic
  15. Causal inferences in surveys??
  16. Statistics Question
  17. Kaplan-Meier Survival Analysis - Why P-value of 0.10?
  18. undefined odds ration
  19. Backward logistic regression
  20. Probit Analysis on Limited Data
  21. question about determining clinical significance cutof
  22. Reproducibility
  23. Another Confidence Interval Qn!
  24. Biostatistics
  25. who can provide good forum about clinical trial data management and biostatistics?
  26. Writing a Life Regression Model with Minitab Output
  27. LD50 power analysis
  28. I need so much help in statistics....I have alot of questions, please help me.
  29. EBM Stats
  30. Null Hypothesis for OR
  31. hello all, please help me choose the statistical test for my research
  32. diagnostic testing
  33. Relative Impact of Predictors with a Binary Logistic Regress
  34. weighted standard error of the mean
  35. Odds ratios and regression
  36. logistic regression
  37. Which test to use for correlation between groups using ordinal values?
  38. Odds ratio
  39. I Need help with median and variance...
  40. unsure about response
  41. Not sure which test to use...
  42. Calculating sensitivity and specificity of a *battery* of tests
  43. stats for following nominal variables over time??
  44. likelihood ratio for censored data
  45. Repeated measures with censoring
  46. Clinical Study and Biostatistics
  47. More Repeated Measures Problems!
  48. biostatistical problem--birds and patch size
  49. Help! Data layout and which test?
  50. Plotting PPV vs. NPV, why?
  51. Logistic regression with continuous variables
  52. What do YOU mean by "statistically significant"?
  53. omnibus test
  54. One for the pros: conditional logistic regression discrepancy
  55. Help decide whether I used the right tests
  56. Is it ok to average ranks?
  57. Equal Odds
  58. Random Effects Regression vs. Fixed Effects Regression
  59. clinical statistics book
  60. HIV-Testing in the desert
  61. Help me
  62. Incorporating time series date into before/after intelligence testing? (n00b alert)
  63. Adjusted Odds Ratio
  64. Multicollinearity in binary logistic regression
  65. Data Format for Repeated Measures AnoVa/SPAnoVa
  66. Quasi-Randomized trial
  67. calibration of an existing model
  68. Need some help with a survival analysis
  69. A doubt in the terminology of sample size calculation
  70. which test should i use?
  71. Calculating life expectancy
  72. Sample Size Calculation
  73. help with decided what tests to use
  74. Kaplan-Meier vs Nelson-Aalen
  75. Repeated measure analysis using SAS (crossover design)
  76. Difference between Sensitivity and Statistical Power?
  77. regression P value and odds ratios
  78. Logistic Regression output not matching data
  79. Fisher's exact test
  80. Survival Analysis
  81. Odds ratios with standardised continuous variables?
  82. likelihood contribution
  83. [Help] Logistic regression and goodness-of-fit
  84. Calculating sensitivity, specificity, etc.of a diagnostic test
  85. Prevalence rates and prevalence odds ratios
  86. How to interpret hazard ratio for continuous variable
  87. odds ratio in Fisher's exact test?
  88. cumulative logit model
  89. Logistic regression model
  90. Extreme right skewed data and repeated measures
  91. Stepwise logistic regression (backwards LR)
  92. GLM with binomial errors: underestimating interactions?
  93. Confidence Level of a Sorting Method?
  94. Calculating sensitivity SS and specificity SP from the SS&SP of subitems
  95. Determining the probability that a sample is accurate
  96. Ordinal Regression or Probit Analysis?
  97. logistic regression intercept is negative and not significant
  98. Logistic Regression Help
  99. ROC curve from logisitc regression Bootstrap analysis in Stata 9.2
  100. What implications does the relationship between sensitivity/sentificity have?
  101. logistic regression interaction term - change between main effects and full model
  102. Logistic Regression (Odds Ratio)
  103. Is my study a case-control or a retrospective cohort study?
  104. power analysis
  105. Ancova
  106. Contingency Tables/Chi Square Test
  107. Survival Analysis
  108. Confused
  109. interpreting logistic regression
  110. Logistic regression
  111. P values in Medical Writing
  112. G*Power Apriori Power Calculation
  113. Help with GLM/logit diagnostics and result interpretation
  114. Confidence Intervals / Chi Square Methodology
  115. Statistical test for sensitivity and specificity
  116. Survival time of components - what approach
  117. How to make a heatmap in R for a microarray data?
  118. Odds Ratio and Confidence interval for McNemar's Test
  119. Simple Logistic Regression
  120. Positive predictive value
  121. Comparing survival curves while controlling for confounding factors
  122. Bacterial death rate statistics - I need help!
  123. Power calculations help..
  124. Strengths of mixed model
  125. Possible Interaction?
  126. Interpret the coefficient
  127. Interpretation of Odds Ratios
  128. Help interpreting a binary logistic regression
  129. Help with diagnostic test analysis
  130. Unbalanced Panel data (FEM , REM, or Pooled regression)
  131. Missing data: Use of the indicator method
  132. any Biostatistician around?
  133. Need help ...lost, re: clinical research
  134. Can you calculate the odds ratio for a 2X3 Chi Square?
  135. Biometric analysis help
  136. logistic regression model
  137. median survival time
  138. Seeking basic analysis help
  139. Help with a molecular biology project
  140. How to compare only a part of survival vurves?
  141. censoring provide one example
  142. Correcting for measurement error in logistic regression?
  143. Question about interactions in regression
  144. odds ratio question
  145. Outlier
  146. 3-group analysis
  147. Odds Ratio vs. P-value
  148. Anova
  149. Urgent! Please Help!! Thank you!!
  150. High power, bias or low power, unbiased?
  151. Sensitivity and specificity of a subset of items
  152. confidence interval interpretation (diagnostic tests)
  153. Strange volcano plot
  154. odds and expected B
  155. confidence interval
  156. Iguana Analysis
  157. quick biosci stats question
  158. Negative variance - using regression. HELP!
  159. question about a concept
  160. Power Calculation- case cotrol study
  161. McNemar's test and complex survey data
  162. Interpretation of Relative risk and confidence interval?
  163. Composite Scores/Standardising scores for cognitive outcomes
  164. Question about R code of survival analysis
  165. Drowning in data
  166. Locking a dataset in a stat program
  167. can any body comment on the pros and cons of the research methodology
  168. neuronal network analysis - what nethod?
  169. Does cox proportional hazard model control for type 1 error?
  170. subtract average values with SEM
  171. SNP or Microsatellite?
  172. Choosing a distribution with GEE methods
  173. Survival tree analysis
  174. Quasi-Randomized vs. RCT
  175. help in data analysis for physiotherapy bachelor thesis
  176. Cox-regression analysis by using the bootstrap weights
  177. Analyzing bovine mastitis with mixed model in SPSS
  178. Determining Sample Size
  179. Expected value
  180. Error Margins added?
  181. Comparing means problem
  182. How to Calculate the Pairwise LD for the given data?
  183. Structure Activity Relationships... LogP, LogD and drug activity
  184. crossover trial analysis
  185. Aggregate trend analysis
  186. stratified sampled analysis
  187. Help with ANOVA: Please Check my Excel file.
  188. Cancer survival analysis
  189. Constant value in logistic regression
  190. standard errors, CIs and logistic regression
  191. analysis of the relationship between particulate air pollution and lung cancer
  192. Decision Tree
  193. Help in explaining my data, lung cancer- air pollution
  194. Parasites in stats
  195. Masters thesis feedback from senior members/contributors
  196. Few Questions about P-Value
  197. How to analyze a data set with < & > values?
  198. Comparing screening rates
  199. Mixed model in clnical trials using SPSS
  200. Contingency Table questions
  201. Sampling Question
  202. 2-way ANOVA-like analysis with binomial RVs?
  203. Need help as a biostatistics moron! Any help appreciated!
  204. log linear model with zero entries
  205. Qtl anova
  206. What to use on SPSS
  207. Calculation for Relative Risk for Overweight and Obesity
  208. Easy question - help asap please?
  209. Epidemiology Cliches Question
  210. Getting started with logistic regression
  211. Power Analysis: MANOVA for repeated measures design?
  212. Measuring strength of an association
  213. GLM poisson
  214. [SPSS] ANCOVA (on 2 treatments) or independant t-test on change (post - pre value)
  215. ANOVA help please
  216. Hi Can you solve this problem
  217. How to interpret This Plot - Please Help
  218. Subpopulation?
  219. Interpreting an interaction matrix
  220. General two-way ANOVA questions
  221. test with proportions
  222. none of the variables were significant
  223. comparing two graphs using area under the curve
  224. Standard deviation mean estimate for time series with autocorrelation
  225. Study Design - McNemar's test appropriate?
  226. Two test results from one population -> OK to use Chi-Square test of independence?
  227. Normal distribution...
  228. best test to use
  229. Trends incidence
  230. need help to solve this!!! ASAP
  231. Redundancy Analysis in R
  232. design for three treatments
  233. Model selection on Orthogonal data
  234. sample size
  235. Confidence intervals for percentages
  236. Need help with statistical analysis of an experiment
  237. A Question regarding the Kaplan Meier survival curve.
  238. ANOVA exam Q help please
  239. What statistical test should I use?
  240. Hidden State Modeling
  241. Repeated Measures ANOVA and Inter-rater reliability
  242. Epidemiology
  243. stats for sex/age ratios
  244. 2 x 2 ANOVA vs. Paired t-test
  245. help- comparison of 2 groupes of categorical data‏
  246. help on experimental design and statistics
  247. How do I compare 2 sets of measurements taken at different times?
  248. Trend test
  249. Interpreting Cox proportional hazards regression p values
  250. Results of two way ANOVA interaction=empty cells: Programming or stats error?