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  1. who can help me with multiple regression analysis???
  2. confidence and prediction interval
  3. Collinearity help
  4. Another question about regression
  5. Regression vs ANOVA
  6. need help with regression problem asap!
  7. Math quiz gone horribly wrong...HELP!!!
  8. Multiple regression vs partial correlation
  9. Multiple Regression Question
  10. Data pooling and regression analysis
  11. Improving an estimate of a mean value
  12. Need help on deciding the analysis tests
  13. Help with easy stats
  14. Need help with regression statistics analysis
  15. Multiple regression?
  16. MLR: R2 and RMSE in assessing quality
  17. 2SLS - endogeneity issue
  18. Unsure of which test to use!
  19. Pooling data for multiple regression
  20. Multiple regression least square estimation
  21. How do I estimate sales given a multiple regression?
  22. Plz Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
  23. backtranformation of log transformed data
  24. Linear Regression Equation
  25. regression, pairs of random variables
  26. Durbin watson
  27. My regression has me confused!
  28. Multiple Regression - Interpreting t-stat
  29. Multiple regression help needed
  30. Mallow's Cp Statistic as criterion for regression
  31. Need help selecting statistical test
  32. Multiple Regression Analysis
  33. Help with prediction interval problem
  34. dummy coding help for cat variables
  35. Doing logistic regression using epi-info
  36. How to develop a regression expression using factor scores?
  37. Interaction variable in regression
  38. Mutliple Regression with a known coefficient
  39. Ancova
  40. Anova problems.........please help.thank you
  41. Regression Analysis Non linear estimation using squares
  42. Need my answers checked.. Am I right? Fingers crossed : )
  43. Interactions in regression analysis
  44. Weightings Problem
  45. generalized least squares
  46. Multicollinearity
  47. Significance Issue in Regression
  48. More than 1 squared term in a regression equation?
  49. Regression and metric space
  50. Regression Analysis Assignment
  51. Combining Prediction Intervals
  52. Regression & Predictions
  53. Cluster Analysis
  54. Should we remove non significant 1st order effects when interaction is significant
  55. Need your help with AIC and model selection
  56. Combining Regressions
  57. What's a logistic regression?
  58. statistical analysis of global warming/fossil fuels
  59. what I dont get about statistical techniques!
  60. learning logistic regression
  61. Multiple logistic regression models
  62. Multiple regression analysis
  63. Multiple Regression Analysis of a time series
  64. means versus total scores
  65. Chi vs R for goodness of fit
  66. Do I need to treat all variables in the same way when I transform values?
  67. consulting help needed (will pay)
  68. Regression approach to ANOVA
  69. Multiple Regression Question
  70. Another question re: correlation and regression
  71. Dummy Variables and Multiple Regression
  72. Help Stats :( Interactions and Homoscedasticity
  73. Partial R squares
  74. Problem with Data analysis on Likert Scale!
  75. Spearmans test...?!
  76. A question about bimodality.
  77. Help with analysis. PLEASE.
  78. Can "infinite" values be used in regression?
  79. Urgent: Linear Regression - Survey Design - Help needed
  80. Dissertation help with Likert scale
  81. Doubt regarding Multiple Regression
  82. Damage Assessment
  83. Regression Analysis
  84. multiple comparisons with multiple regressions?
  85. Increasing variance in linear regression
  86. F-Statistic Question
  87. Regression analysis - normal distribution and linearity
  88. Standard error of multiple regression coefficients
  89. Multiple Regression Equation.
  90. statistics problem
  91. Repeated measures in EEG.
  92. multiple regression model
  93. Regression questions
  94. Coefficients and standard deviations
  95. Very basic questions on some terms.
  96. effect size in hierarchical multiple regression (categorical predictor)
  97. Meaning of T-Ratio and parameter standard error in HLM analysis
  98. Multiple Regression
  99. Statistics Help (Invoice Question)
  100. Help with Multiple Regression
  101. how to enter certain data, and should i use t test?
  102. Check and develop my answers, multiple regression
  103. Muliple regression - lets try again
  104. Centering and transforming
  105. Three way interactions in regression
  106. Multiple Regression & Multiple Linear Regression: 2 Qu's
  107. very basis question
  108. Number of IV's in multiple regressions: How many is 'too many'?
  109. Prediction Limits
  110. Testing suppression with SEM
  111. Unstandardized regression coefficient in Multiple Regression Interaction
  112. Linear regression with repeated measures
  113. A quick regression QUESTION
  114. AM I allowed to do this?
  115. Simple CORRELATION query
  116. URGENT POOLD OLS regression
  117. brain freeze.....
  118. Standard Deviation or Response / Prediction - Linear Regression
  119. Repeated measures - appropriate for my study or not?
  120. Issues with using composites in linear regression?
  121. Help!
  122. Is there any limitation on number of predictors if I run stepwise linear regression
  123. multiple comparison issue in linear regression
  124. Factor analysis with non-normal distribution?
  125. Calculations for the unstandardized coefficients for a multiple regression analysis
  126. calculating multiple regression by hand
  127. Urgent help, please...thanks . A.S.A.P
  128. Independent variables correlate to each other: violation of regression assumoptions?
  129. Two-way ANOVA...or not?
  130. Help needed with ANOVA analysis
  131. Multiple Regression with Multiple Groups
  132. Looking for mult. linear regression equations
  133. Testing for difference 2 regression models
  134. Did i get theese right i am confused, can anyone help me please
  135. price determination prediction
  136. Binary Logistic Regression in R
  137. Can you guys check these for me
  138. Hlm?
  139. ANOVA confusions- Please Help
  140. adjusting a proportion score (controling for age)
  141. Linear regression
  142. Multiple logistic Regression Power Analysis
  143. multiple regression analysis on likertscale
  144. Statistical Significance
  145. univariate vs multivariate
  146. Unbalanced Sample Sizes
  147. Logistic regression or DFA?
  148. Stats analysis help would be very much appreciated
  149. Risk Model Re-Weighting Help Needed
  150. "Best" Multiple (Multivariate) Nonlinear Regression?
  151. Beta coefficients in multiple regression
  152. Linear Regression Models
  153. Comparing regression equations
  154. Percentage/proportion prediction interval
  155. multiple comparisons
  156. Multiple Groups Regression
  157. three way interactions and centering in multiple regression
  158. Question About a Seemingly Invalid Sampling
  159. This simple linear regression isn't adding up..
  160. Double check sample calculation from pilot study
  161. pearson correlation in linear mixed models?
  162. Linear Regression in Excel...
  163. multiple regression - beta coefficient - beta above 1
  164. Linear Regression Model Help
  165. Adjusting survey data that is taken at diffrent timepoints
  166. Regression for nominal variables?
  167. Regression/Time Series
  168. Weird interaction results - need someone's help!
  169. Prediction interval behaviour close to the origin
  170. Confidence Interval for Prediction in Weighted Regression
  171. Transformed Interactions in Regression
  172. Simple Questions
  173. SPSS multiple regression????
  174. Linear Regression and Correlation Q - Need help!
  175. Multiple Regression where DV is a proportion
  176. PCA questions
  177. Interpreting a moderation effect
  178. Dependent variable kurtosis
  179. Independent variable kurtosis in multiple regression...
  180. Poisson regression with interactions
  181. Validity of setting constant to zero
  182. Linear Regression Models (1)
  183. Linear Regression Models (2)
  184. Linear Regression Models (3)
  185. MLE problem, linear regression model
  186. Linear Regression: Mean square error (MSE) ?
  187. Linear Regression: reversing the roles of X and Y
  188. Best laid plans...
  189. hierarchical multiple regression
  190. linear regression model: LSE, Var, Cov etc
  191. Help Please.
  192. Regression Help
  193. Did I do this correctly?
  194. Poisson regression
  195. Multiple linear regression: partial F-test
  196. Cov in multiple linear regression
  197. Regression SS in multiple linear regression
  198. Sum of the residuals in multiple linear regression
  199. variance for multiple regression model
  200. variance-stabilizing transformation for simple linear regression
  201. Multiple chi-square or logistic regression?
  202. what is the best model to use?
  203. Web Analyst: Been a While Since I Touched Stats
  204. Attempting the Impossible? Please help!
  205. Factorial ANOVA
  206. Logistic regression vs multiple regression
  207. Please explain differences between R and r
  208. Simple Linear Regression with GUM Uncertainties
  209. Ordinal Logistic Regression and Bimodality
  210. Calculating Omega Squared
  211. Which test to use?
  212. Nonparametric multivariate survey analysis - suggestions please!
  213. relationship between test conditions and time to failure using linear regression
  214. Dependent / conditional regression?
  215. Problem with small amount of cases
  216. Using Regression When Y = # Wins
  217. I need to understand regression analysis. Please Help
  218. Moderation graphs
  219. help with interpretation of multiple regression results
  220. mahalanobis distance critical values > 10 df
  221. predicting X using multiple regression?
  222. Can I use mediation with my data?
  223. Error estimates with r2 in linear regression
  224. How do I do this calculation
  225. Classification Rate of Multivariate Logistic Regression
  226. Help a programmer with very simple Linear Regression (ordinary least squares?)
  227. what is: correlation? regression? confidence?
  228. Linear regression analysis - Urgent assistance required
  229. Time-series analysis with three variables
  230. Latent growth process
  231. scale issues
  232. Logistic regression null values
  233. Standard Error of Coefficients in Multiple Regression
  234. ANCOVA controversy?
  235. How many IVs can I use?
  236. Multiple Regression Interaction
  237. using prediction results in a separate model
  238. Problem interpreting Multiple Regression on Video Game Sales
  239. Multiple Regression Help
  240. Analysis of data set derived from simulation
  241. have a .por file, no spss, need to run analysis by tomorrow
  242. Nonparametric multiple regression
  243. Hpw to Determine the Hypotheses for a T-test Study?
  244. Multiple regression
  245. Linear Regression
  246. very quick question about the 'intercept'
  247. multivariate multiple regression
  248. Chi square as sneak peek into logistic regression
  249. confusion about Ho/Ha hypothesis for simple/multiple regression
  250. multiple regression and adjusted r-squ