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  1. Statistical package for mac
  2. Poisson and ANOVA?
  3. STATA- explicit subscripting
  4. Ordinal Logistic in STATA
  5. Stata help with time series modelling
  6. Quick one: is ANOVA the right test?
  7. Any good STATA tutorials?
  8. Huge t-statistic vs Hetero. and Auto.
  9. Help with regression
  10. help with using STATA
  11. Assingment Help
  12. Quantile Regression in STATA with survey data
  13. help on stata project
  14. Graphing interactions on STATA
  15. Stata - ordered logistic regression
  16. Programming Stata
  17. Do I have to have more than one case at level one in a multilevel model?
  18. which software is best to run stepwise linear regression
  19. creating new variables in STATA - strange problem
  20. Levene Test in STATA
  21. stata logit (logistic regression)
  22. Marginal effects in STATA (truncreg)
  23. STATA GARCH parameter estimation
  24. dealing with zeros in count dataset
  25. Stata: Test difference in average RATE of two groups
  26. Neg Binomial regression - SPSS and Stata different results?
  27. STATA: How to define the proportional resp. variable in a logistic regression model
  28. Logistic in STATA
  29. How to type > in stata?
  30. Stata Help!!
  31. [Stata] - Convert string to date
  32. Stata - Do-file capability
  33. Read Mac version Stata 10 on Windows Stata 9?
  34. Stata
  35. Post Hoc test MANOVA in STATA
  36. Help with reshape command
  37. problems with command in STATA
  38. Residuals for ZINB models in STATA
  39. Logit regression using STATA
  40. [STATA] Post-hoc test in ANCOVA?
  41. Significance tests for binary logistic regressions
  42. STATA Help - T-tests with Unmatched Data
  43. STATA Loops and Using Different Variables
  44. [STATA] Constructing a variable SUM of a var over all j's (if j does not equal i)
  45. stata 10 question
  46. STATA command help (change direction of continuous variable)
  47. STATA comparing data
  48. how to get Line chart with mean and StDev
  49. Organizing/ managing data analysis
  50. [STATA] Lagged variable
  51. Stata & 'word' variables
  52. please help- nlces
  53. weighting help!
  54. stata - incidence calculation
  55. STATA Problem with string variables
  56. Stata Help: Indicator Variable Problem
  57. incidence graph in stata
  58. Help!!!
  59. [Stata] Storing results from reg command
  60. Stata: Delta Method
  61. Kaplan meier curve in stata
  62. Stata Assistance
  63. STATA and "xtmixed" command
  64. Difference between xtscc and xtpcse in stata
  65. Saving Regression Coefficients in STATA
  66. Renaming Merged Variables in STATA
  67. STATA- dummy variables
  68. Scatter Plots with Labels in Stata
  69. Stata project help
  70. [Stata] Limitations of Stata's multivariate regression?
  71. [STATA] Twoway scatter graph help
  72. [STATA] How do I keep labels after using reshape
  73. assumptions for panel data analysis (Random and fixed effects models)
  74. [Stata] Append files using loop
  75. Multivariable non-linear (?) regression in STATA
  76. [Stata] Is Pr the acronym of predict?
  77. [STATA] - Adding space in merged variable
  78. [STATA] - Panel data regression
  79. [Stata 7] What can I do to change font size?
  80. [Stata] - String values on axis of graph
  81. [Stata] - Logit Results: 2 variables only have coeff output no p value???
  82. [Stata/SE 8] - How to calculate the age
  83. [Stata 11] BHPS: generating household averages?
  84. [Stata] Trouble with identifying time variable
  85. [STATA] - Median calculation
  86. [Stata] - Please help calculating Herfinahl index
  87. STATA panel data regression.
  88. Statistical analysis using AMADEUS database
  89. [Stata] Kruskal-Wallis tests calculation
  90. [STATA] - Deleting variables without opening dataset
  91. Significance stars on F stat in -eststo-
  92. Random number generator for Cauchy distribution
  93. stata-how to join a new variables to the data set
  94. Panel Data, Individual Specific Regression
  95. log variable on stata
  96. p-trend
  97. Line graph using means calculated at intervals
  98. negative binomial
  99. Stata technical problems
  100. results saving on stata
  101. stata 8 commands
  102. need help with "if statement"
  103. Pleaseeeee need help with mfx command
  104. Need help with time
  105. Is the difference significant?
  106. Saving coefficients
  107. Rolling window regressions and significance
  108. Sample size calculation for cross-sectional survey
  109. Stata 11: How to Plot confidence intervalls for marginal effects
  110. Constructing Variables
  111. Regression Omission
  112. dropping some observations
  113. Problem with Stata Time Series Operator
  114. How to create an indicator variable?
  115. label x axis
  116. Stata xttest0
  117. code for classification tables? - lstat no longer works
  118. Software
  119. Missing observations
  120. How to drop observations with frequency less than 2
  121. Gini coefficient graph command
  122. First stage for F-statistic
  123. proportion testing
  124. Help with using the command table!!
  125. Urgent Help needed
  126. Dropping the end percentages of outlying observations
  127. Stacked bar charts of single variables
  128. logit with fixed effect (Panal data) in stata is it possible??
  129. Problem with Stata graphs when saved within a PDF file
  130. Is there anyway to do two layer cross sectional??
  131. Variable list
  132. Age Adjusted Means
  133. Linear Trend Test after ANOVA
  134. Robust Regression (rreg) , help for noconstant
  135. Forcing number of bins on histogram
  136. Generating a new variable in STATA
  137. Trying to create new var, can't figure out if/and options
  138. how to create quantile variable
  139. GLS and fixed effects
  140. gllamm: not enough obs
  141. Saving means
  142. replace the comma (,) by the dot (.)
  143. Performing logistic regression for a subset of the population
  144. Generating new variables
  145. Save graphs
  146. Problems with "infix" in a .dat file
  147. Foreach loop for graphs: only changing title
  148. select if values on multiple vars match
  149. Gmm
  150. logistic regression for panel data
  151. adjusting column width data editor?
  152. Chow test for a specific coefficient?
  153. how to name variables in stata
  154. help with a varaible matrix...
  155. how to delete a previous command
  156. CLSUTER PER CASE Urgentttttt help please
  157. chi square: Support!!!
  158. recode a categorical variable
  159. Help with Stata
  160. how to make a percent change?
  161. Stata strategy needed: which datasets have variable X?
  162. Crosstab
  163. question on dummy variables
  164. Multiplying within longitudinal subsets
  165. What are the best steps to follow in a panel data analysis? (using stata)
  166. generating new var and assigning values
  167. Estimating from regression
  168. xtabond and dummy variables
  169. regression on a splitted sample
  170. VECM help!
  171. Stata 'while' command
  172. problems with normally distributed residuals
  173. R function in MATA?
  174. ARCH & GARCH estimation in STATA
  175. Jackknife and BRR in Stata
  176. Need help with finding the elasticity of a level-log model using STATA
  177. using more than one 'by' variable
  178. Kalman filter
  179. single observation multi-year variables
  180. Two graphs sharing the same x axis
  181. generating new variable
  182. doing a fixed effects regression
  183. left truncation?
  184. Help: lost suddenly all the previous work!
  185. table for correlation
  186. download data from web to Stata memory
  187. new distribution
  188. creating new variable with existing data
  189. min(x)
  190. "robvar" won't work!
  191. STATA GARCH convergence problems
  192. Generate multiple reports from stata
  193. Merging Datasets
  194. Separate x;y;z in a variable to three variables
  195. Dates, Formating, and Cutting out Characters
  196. One Column of Dates, Two Different Formats
  197. Doublecheck: MMerge on Three Variables?
  198. creating dummy variable
  199. General Estimating Equations Stata vs. SPSS
  200. Flagging each member of a household when one member has x characteristic
  201. append vs. merge, which one should I use in my case?
  202. Ordered Probit (similar to Ordered Logit): Pseudo R2 Meaning?
  203. From column to bar
  204. Why is there no output or error message?
  205. calculating a mean value in overlapping periods
  206. Performing repeated measures multivariate regression in stata
  207. Changing reference category in glm
  208. data loss after saving
  209. Import of Excel file into Stata!
  210. problem with dat file
  211. linear weighted squares and weighted order probit
  212. Outliers - urgent plz
  213. dummy variable if 2 variables have a value
  214. Define different categories?
  215. Robust Clustering?
  216. gmm/xtabond2 help
  217. Regress function options
  218. l.y and d.y
  219. structual break test / chow
  220. How do I find and normalize bids?
  221. 2 variables with different number of observations
  222. Simple help with local macros
  223. Help with a basic loop in Stata (ver 11)
  224. Creating square matrix with obs counts from 2 non unique id variables
  225. Connect two variables via a third
  226. tsset time variable troubles!!
  227. Autocorrelation - How to fix ?
  228. interpreting OLS output
  229. STATA command for fixed effects
  230. creating families w. both siblings and stepsiblings
  231. STATA Fixed effects - help required
  232. STATA help needed
  233. ivreg2 endogeneity covered by internal instruments
  234. Plotting regression coefficient over time
  235. Missing data
  236. How do I run one regression separately for different sample groups?
  237. Working with different samples for the same country
  238. Looping over two values
  239. error message, outreg commandou
  240. Dummy Variable Changes
  241. by ... : sort and xtreg. "not sorted" error
  242. Batch File for Cox PH?
  243. Simulating ages
  244. List of ADO files
  245. Stata script help...
  246. Constrained Regression in Stata
  247. coefficient test
  248. Is it normal to have less observation when running system GMM?
  249. Non Linear regression
  250. Macro/File name Help