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  1. Help Anova
  2. Sample size for repeated measures or dependent-sample t
  3. Two-tail test
  4. EM algorithm
  5. Longitudinal Statistics
  6. attrition: comparing *surviving* sample to original
  7. ANOVA without random variables?
  8. T scores & a Multivariate Analysis
  9. General lasso question
  10. Regression Method
  11. comparing two measurements over time
  12. New guy, Stats help needed with this problem.
  13. markov chains- estimation
  14. weibull distribution
  15. Weighted EM algorithm?
  16. Describing a curve in order to compare with species abundance
  17. Impact of static sample on CI
  18. continuous/categorical IV in anova
  19. Partial Least Squares
  20. bell curve question
  21. Kaplan-Meier: Overall time longer than 2 factors
  22. Question About K-Means
  23. Constucting ARMA realizations
  24. Two objective functions in one Unconstrained optimization problem
  25. Modeling traffic according to a distribution.
  26. Joint Normal CDF
  27. Question about copula-GARCH models
  28. quantile regression vs. non-parametric curve fit of quantiles
  29. Lanczos' Algorithm for Sparse Matrices
  30. Multinomial logistic regression
  31. Eigenvector for large matrices
  32. Measuring Neural Network Performance
  33. High Correlations with Very Different Distributions..?
  34. Testing Accuracy of Tridiagonal Matrix Computation
  35. simultanoues equations for panel data
  36. Comparing 2 Likert scale with different scale numbers
  37. Weighting by sample size/confidence intervals in regression analysis?
  38. Plus-4 Method
  39. What test?
  40. Longitudinal Data Analysis
  41. time variables in a regression
  42. Which test to use?
  43. finding quantiles
  44. Help needed - estimating effect size
  45. Pretest-posttest and Likert Scale? Please Help!
  46. negligible trend tests?
  47. Hypothesis testing
  48. need help for my research
  49. Coding Open Ended Questions
  50. Regression Equation
  51. Conjoint analysis
  52. Infinite divisibility under mixing - kernel density estimation
  53. help on statisitcal test to use
  54. Clusters - Help!!!!!
  55. Repeated Measures ANOVA with a Continuous Variable?
  56. What kind of ANOVA is this?
  57. Factor Analysis Transformations: Thesis Help Needed Please!
  58. Need a help on statistics pricing problem
  59. markov chain modelling
  60. A bit rusty could someone give me a shove in the right Direction Please
  61. Factor Analysis Projections
  62. DOE for Logistic Regression
  63. generate data for logistic regression simple question
  64. From OLS to Box Cox to ?
  65. Help with thesis research on social bookmarking
  66. Anova
  67. Meta-Analysis
  68. Q re Gauss-Newton Method convergence in Nonlinear Regression
  69. pre-test post-test difficulty
  70. Help in Genetic Analysis
  71. Covariate Estimation & Unbiased Estimation
  72. Mahalanobis Distance
  73. Deck of cards: Odds of being dealt 3 of a suit?
  74. Cut-off Points in Linear Discriminant Analysis
  75. Probability Theory Exam
  76. What are age effects?
  77. Stat guidence for a research paper
  78. simple regression question (I think)
  79. Bonferroni Correction Factor !!!
  80. which statistics to apply?
  81. Test statistic concerning mean comparison of UNKOWN sample distributions?
  82. Urgent-Statistical Test comparing means of unknown distributions
  83. Looking for a better answer, if there is one (Puzzle)
  84. Are scores significantly different to a neutral response? Please help...
  85. help choosing LDA situation to implement
  86. A nice easy one about Repeated Measures ANOVA
  87. Interval Level
  88. A Simple Meta-Analysis query
  89. concordance of two sets of data
  90. Bayesian Logistic Regression
  91. Multivariate Analysis assistance needed
  92. Principal components interpretation
  93. Expected Value of a Sample Range
  94. Quick Question about Null Effects in ANOVAs
  95. Two Stage Least Squares Regression
  96. Standard error (asymptotic standard error) of ŷi of exponential regression (Y = exp(a
  97. PCA, FA, CFA, latent variables, and making a scale.
  98. Correlation/Regression using Aggregrated Data
  99. Age-Matching Groups Who Differ on Age
  100. Multiple Comparison Correction - Help needed !
  101. finding data trends
  102. Factor Analysis Question
  103. Pilot Study Numbers
  104. doctoral research
  105. Centering for interactions in multiple regression ??
  106. How to model time-dependent covariate in random effect model?
  107. non-parametric test for repeated measurement
  108. Please help?
  109. Question on Log-Likelihood. Thanks in advance.
  110. Random Variables and Correlation
  111. Hypothesis design
  112. help with sequential type of tests in statistics for hyppothesis testing
  113. Survey analysis help: what tests to run?
  114. website splits - sample sizes
  115. Composite Scores - Approaches to Missing Data
  116. Factor Analysis help--Senior Thesis
  117. When are random variables random?
  118. Is this a vaild data transformation method?
  119. Comparing Improvement Between Groups - Best Approach?
  120. 2 x 4 Factorial Design and contrasts...
  121. Effect of Culture on Scales
  122. Manova outlier cutoff
  123. Help with analysing data
  124. Correlation
  125. Normal? Bimodal normal? Some other distribution?
  126. jackknife
  127. Product pricing question
  128. Instrumental Variable?
  129. Two groups & two
  130. Symmetry Model Categorical Data Analysis
  131. "Maximally uncorrelated" representation for a covariance matrix
  132. Tricky running mean and standard deviation problem
  133. Power Analysis for SURVEY data
  134. Multivariate Statistics: Which is appropriate PCA, DFA, MANCOVA?
  135. Tests for Change in Mean Dependent data
  136. Alternative to two-sample t-test when proportions are SMALL (<0.001)
  137. How to do this power study?
  138. Randomization in an experiment
  139. Repeated measurements are negatively correlated
  140. Where do I start?
  141. Statistical Research Question
  142. Help on Factor analysis and Extension
  143. Longitudinal Regression Issue
  144. Hierarchical Cluster Analysis: which method to use?
  145. Discriminant analysis with mostly incomplete cases
  146. Longitudinal analysis and the independence assumption
  147. Cronbach's alpha and Cohen's Kappa (CA & CK)
  148. Generating Skewed Normal Distributions
  149. Event Clustering in an Event Study
  150. reporting statistical results
  151. testing
  152. variables in linear mixed model
  153. hypothesis testing for least squares fitting
  154. Complementary log log
  155. is it possible to have multiple mediators that all fully mediate
  156. Desperate urgent help
  157. Testing change between 2 samples at 2 periods of time
  158. studying half-hourly time series
  159. Granger Causality test help!
  160. Comparing deaths with reportings
  161. Would someone please please help with ANCOVA?
  162. Logistic regression - different cutpoints for classification and probability?
  163. Videopods
  164. Learning More... but where?
  165. Jackknife
  166. logistic regression : intercept is NOT significative
  167. Need large data sets
  168. stat treatment for yes no questions
  169. How do i add 5 spss freq count tables together?
  170. Appropriate Statistical Analysis
  171. Dissertation confusion!
  172. need urgent help! how analyze data?
  173. Help?
  174. Help in study design! URGENT!
  175. Finding relationship between 2 curves over time
  176. Are there any post hoc analyses for Chi Square data?
  177. How to model lagged correlation data?
  178. Which test should I use?
  179. best presentation of data to aid analysis
  180. might be a stupid question...
  181. Testing for Developmental Significance
  182. Difference in coefficients between regressions?
  183. Isotonic Regression
  184. sufficient statistic for joint geometric distribution
  185. About the distribution of confidence interval for Weibull
  186. Scaling technique
  187. Help please!
  188. Changing from 5-point to 3-point scale
  189. Panel Data - Pooled OLS vs Fixed Effects vs Random Effects
  190. Two Variables, Many Components :( Type 1 Error?
  191. t-tests or mann-whitney??
  192. Suppressor
  193. Calculating a P-value for a two-tailed One-Standard-Deviation chi-square Test
  194. Help: relationship between Regime type and war
  195. gender differences
  196. What kind of sample is this one?
  197. statistical power of a General Linear Mixed Model with repeated measurements
  198. One Sample T-Test with Likert Scale Questionnaire
  199. Shapley Value
  200. Meta-analyses
  201. Sampling Method? Too many schools to sample
  202. Is the 2-independent group T test ok?
  203. Obtaining Residuals in Chi Square Goodness of Fit
  204. What statistic to use?
  205. Current Commentary Study
  206. OLS assumptions after estimating robust standard errors
  207. comparing two charts
  208. Is there a minimum number of subjects required for a t-test?
  209. Perception of non-parametric techniques as inferior?
  210. which correlation for a PCA?
  211. Smoothing algorithm for times series and slope measurement
  212. Multivariate Gaussian Distributions
  213. ANOVA v t-test
  214. Need a meaningful way to describe heavily-skewed numbers for 50 states
  215. Cut-off
  216. Can't find a convenient test for this huge dataset :-(
  217. grouping doubt
  219. Need help on sampling
  220. low coefficient alpha
  221. Uncertainty
  222. Sample size...
  223. what test to use?
  224. repeated measures t-test question - Help!
  225. what test to do?
  226. Non profit Intern needs your help to save the world!!
  227. How to generate right censored data
  228. school project
  229. Predicting Order of NHL draft
  230. Pairwise comparisons
  231. Neural Networks
  232. ANOVA weighted means?
  233. sample size - power calculations
  234. A basic question. Pls help...
  235. Within Subjects OXO and confounds
  236. Absolute or relative changes?
  237. Help - problem
  238. generate overdispersed poisson data
  239. (non-)parametric test dilemma
  240. choosing basic test: logistic regression or multiple chi square?
  241. confidence interval for combined data
  242. MDS with confusion matrix
  243. two probability levels in regression tables
  244. Repeated Measures with a baseline Covariate
  245. Dissertation statistics
  246. Powerrankings for Football
  247. Comparing likelihood ratios:please help!!!
  248. Using Linear slope estimate as independent variable in regression analysis
  249. F-value and Post-hoc tests conflict
  250. How to compute significance here? (And why?)