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Forum: Regression Analysis

Linear regression, linear models, nonlinear regression

  1. Interpreting multiple (IV) categorical variables in regression

    The treatment in the text I have read break an independent categorical variable into k-1 dummy variables. You then compare these to reference level...

    Started by noetsi‎, 02-04-2013 02:04 PM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 3,182
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  2. Regression more than two Y variables

    Hi, sorry this is probably a very stupid question! I'm just trying to finish m thesis proposal and have just realised that my statistics are wrong. I...

    Started by cheesefeind‎, 02-04-2013 11:36 AM
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 3,513
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  3. Price Elasticity based on log regression

    Hello genius people!! 1) If i understand correctly, In the regression equation below, WS= White shoes BS=Black shoes Sales of WS = β1...

    Started by PKA111‎, 01-27-2013 03:17 PM
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 41,420
    02-04-2013, 01:26 PM Go to last post
  4. Question HELP NEEDED! Running a negative binomial regression in SPSS

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, working on my master's thesis in strategic public relations, and am in over my head with statistics. I need to run a...

    Started by dutchinrichmond‎, 02-03-2013 09:50 PM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 6,120
    02-03-2013, 11:49 PM Go to last post
  5. Time series help, Derive COV in a random walk process

    I could use some help deriving the covariance between Y_t and Y_t+h given the random walk process Y_t = Y_t-1+e_t And also the correlation...

    Started by eric89‎, 01-30-2013 12:22 PM
    correlation, covariance, lagged effects, random walk, time series
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 1,676
    01-31-2013, 11:52 AM Go to last post
  6. first set of timeseries data to predict second set

    I posted this on another site about a month ago but got no responses, so I thought I'd post in this forum. I have timeseries data with n=100 and...

    Started by eggman2001‎, 01-26-2013 05:27 PM
    regression analysis
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 827
    01-30-2013, 08:06 PM Go to last post
  7. VECM Help Required

    Hi im constructing a vecm regression and need help interpreting the results. it would be much appreciated if you could helps me I'm testing...

    Started by faizan123‎, 01-30-2013 12:35 PM
    coefficient, interpreting regression, interpreting results, vec, vecm
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,847
    01-30-2013, 12:35 PM Go to last post
  8. Three-way PCA

    Hi all, Does anybody have experience with 3-way PCA? Is there any example using SAS? I am not sure if I understand how it is different from the...

    Started by szm‎, 01-30-2013 11:36 AM
    multivariate, pca, regresion
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,470
    01-30-2013, 11:36 AM Go to last post
  9. HELP regression with percentage and current $

    Hi i am trying to construct a regression with inflation as my dependent variable and gdp and income as my independent, but i am not sure if it can...

    Started by faizan123‎, 01-12-2013 08:37 PM
    dependent, inflation, percentage, regression, regression analysis
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 2,454
    01-30-2013, 10:17 AM Go to last post
  10. Panel Data: Vary in time but constant for all individuals

    Dear all, we are using a standard panel model like Y_it = a_i + b*X_it + e_it. For one additional variable (prices=P) we only have observations...

    Started by ARDE‎, 01-30-2013 07:43 AM
    panel, stata
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,237
    01-30-2013, 07:43 AM Go to last post
  11. Dichotomized predictor with dichotomized response

    I have a dichotomized predictor which can be 0 or 1 and it predicts correctly roughly 80% of the time if a patient is cured 1 or not 0. I tried...

    Started by blogzter‎, 01-28-2013 01:39 PM
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,857
    01-29-2013, 12:50 PM Go to last post
  12. Correlation test for PCA

    Hello, I have done two independent PCA (Principal component analysis) with two different datasets in R. I have made interpolated geographic maps...

    Started by Thiho‎, 01-29-2013 08:27 AM
    correlation analysis, pca
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,414
    01-29-2013, 08:27 AM Go to last post
  13. Smile Stepwise and all-possible-regressions

    Hi all, Before I start I just wanted to cordially thank you all for this great community...I really admire the work you have done...and the...

    Started by triunk‎, 01-24-2013 11:11 AM
    regression analysis
    • Replies: 14
    • Views: 5,426
    01-29-2013, 12:19 AM Go to last post
  14. Exclamation Urgent Help Needed- Interpretation of Categorical Variables

    Thank you for taking the time to read this!! I am really stuck with a regression I am doing for my dissertation. Basically it is the categorical...

    Started by larrikinlover‎, 01-27-2013 10:20 AM
    categorical, regression
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 2,103
    01-28-2013, 05:44 PM Go to last post
  15. Logistic Regression - Equation

    Hi! I run a logistic regression, and i know that it can be written as Pr(y=1)=F(a+b_1*x+b_2*z). With y being the dependent variable, a the...

    Started by bizzzar‎, 01-24-2013 05:39 AM
    fixed-effects, logistic regression, notation, panel
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,976
    01-28-2013, 02:02 AM Go to last post
  16. Logistic regression, Can Efron's Psuedo R^2 be negative?

    I have a simple question, surely I have not made any mistake in my calculations when I recieve a negative R^2 (using Efron) doing logistic...

    Started by Incontro‎, 01-27-2013 12:21 PM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,052
    01-27-2013, 12:21 PM Go to last post
  17. question~sum of (residual*Xi)

    Hi, I know it might sound stupid but I do not understand why the fact that sum of residuals equals zero implies the sum of (residual i*Xi)...

    Started by dandelion‎, 01-26-2013 01:04 AM
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 6,262
    01-27-2013, 03:18 AM Go to last post
  18. Exclamation Dissertation help!

    I need help with regression analysis. I have 3 variables, each with sub scales. and I have no idea how to regress them; i.e. should i use stepwise...

    Started by Mystical_lady89‎, 01-26-2013 12:18 PM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 946
    01-26-2013, 05:28 PM Go to last post
  19. Fundamental question related to linear regression

    Hi forum users, I have a very simple question regarding regression analysis. I have n observations of independent variables "y", and n...

    Started by sydfremmer‎, 01-26-2013 04:24 PM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,206
    01-26-2013, 04:24 PM Go to last post
  20. When a regressor is a part of the dependent variable

    Hi there! I have data on individuals with disability pension, their income and other background characteristics. I have a measure of their...

    Started by Ringo‎, 01-26-2013 10:16 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 962
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  21. Ordered logit or OLS?

    Hi there, I am using survey data and my dependent variable has 5 levels ranging from 'Strongly disagree' to 'Strongly agree.' My understanding is...

    Started by jesse‎, 01-26-2013 09:27 AM
    ols, ordered logit
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,411
    01-26-2013, 09:27 AM Go to last post
  22. U-shaped relationship in a logistic regression

    Hi there, I run a logistic regression on y(dummy). I presume that there is a curvilinear (u-shaped) influence of age, and - indeed - the logit...

    Started by gerol‎, 01-26-2013 05:13 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,567
    01-26-2013, 05:13 AM Go to last post
  23. Variable selection in multiple regression based on regression itself results

    Hi everybody, I have a question relative to the multiple linear regression. Here is the case: Y=dip var x1, x2, x3= indip var suppose that I have...

    Started by nelson85‎, 01-17-2013 06:54 AM
    predictors, regression, rsquare
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 2,026
    01-25-2013, 10:04 AM Go to last post
  24. Find standard error of mean

    Suppose you have a process x_{t} = \mu +w_{t} -0.8*w_{t-1} where w_{t} ~ wn(0,\sigma_{w}^2). How do I calculate the standard error of var(\bar{x})...

    Started by lord12‎, 01-16-2013 05:52 PM
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,651
    01-24-2013, 07:47 PM Go to last post
  25. How to evaluate model fit of parametric survival analyses?

    Hello everyone, I'm using Stata to generate parametric survival analyses and I'm looking for methods to evaluate the model fit. As far as I know...

    Started by Olaf‎, 01-18-2013 05:58 PM
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 2,027
    01-24-2013, 07:09 PM Go to last post
  26. Regression Model is signifianct but all explanatory variables are insignifiant!!!

    Hi all, I need your help is the following: My Model is as the following Dependent variable is GDP per capita growth rate Explanatory...

    Started by mnouri‎, 01-15-2013 08:21 AM
    insignificant, model checking, regression coefficients
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 1,303
    01-24-2013, 05:35 AM Go to last post
  27. Regression sample size

    Members, Please let me know if i can do a regression analysis for a sample size 40 with 8 predictor variables?

    Started by chella‎, 01-20-2013 01:34 PM
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 3,283
    01-24-2013, 05:24 AM Go to last post
  28. How do I combine single item measures and factor scores in Regression?

    Hello, I've tried finding answers for this in the FAQ and archives but no luck. I have a theory-based model that uses several single-item measures...

    Started by Statistical Paralysis‎, 01-23-2013 01:29 PM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 1,193
    01-23-2013, 04:19 PM Go to last post
  29. Multiple regression with explanatory variables from different time periods

    Hello, I am in a pickle again. This time I am worried about the explanatory variables of my cross sectional model. The dependent variable is Sales...

    Started by john.volt‎, 01-23-2013 05:16 AM
    cross sectional, explanatory, multiple regression
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,294
    01-23-2013, 05:16 AM Go to last post
  30. how to get a 'main effect' from dummy coded variables?

    Hello everyone! Thank-you for all the responses I got for my previous thread. I think I am now able to work on something. I have a question, however,...

    Started by will22‎, 01-22-2013 04:27 PM
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,683
    01-22-2013, 05:10 PM Go to last post
  31. Regression calculation in Excel

    Hello all, I am new to Excel and have a question. I have a data set comprised of two groups or participants. For each participant I have 72...

    Started by hmeiri‎, 01-16-2013 05:40 AM
    comparison, excel, regression
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 2,087
    01-22-2013, 10:51 AM Go to last post
  32. model usage for prediction

    Hi everone, I am facing a twofold problem. First, can i cross sectional model be used for prediction? Mine is a sales regression for 2011 and I want...

    Started by john.volt‎, 01-20-2013 10:28 AM
    cross sectional, explanatory, prediction, regression analysis
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 884
    01-21-2013, 09:11 AM Go to last post
  33. How to estimate square wave phase and period?

    I have some patchy data on male/female incubation shifts for a bird species: I know which sex was incubating on some days but did not check nests...

    Started by stweb‎, 01-19-2013 06:46 AM
    square wave
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,045
    01-19-2013, 06:46 AM Go to last post
  34. R statistics - how to solve this ..urgent :S

    In a study of 500 HIV patients, assigned to treatment to delay the onset of cardiac arrest and myocardial infarction related death. The dataset...

    Started by winj‎, 01-18-2013 06:52 PM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,520
    01-18-2013, 10:28 PM Go to last post
  35. Model fit vs. Prediction

    When it comes to regression, a lot of people are obsessed (as they should be) with how well a model fits. But what about how well the model can...

    Started by agp‎, 01-13-2013 10:27 AM
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 2,844
    01-18-2013, 04:53 PM Go to last post
  36. Linear model + covariate issue

    Hi! I'm hoping to run a logistic regression model and I've run up against a problem I'm not sure how to approach. We have some binary outcome...

    Started by jamesmartinn‎, 01-17-2013 10:30 AM
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 2,440
    01-17-2013, 05:18 PM Go to last post
  37. Regression delivers significant results, but correlation no

    Hello there, This is my first posting and I would highly appreciate if someone could help me :) After utilizing the search function, I found no...

    Started by JoXel‎, 01-16-2013 08:31 AM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 8,801
    01-17-2013, 12:13 PM Go to last post
  38. finding the autocovariance function for exp(x)

    I want to find the autocovariance function of y(t) = exp(x(t) which is a nonlinear time series. When I try to find the autocovariance function I...

    Started by lord12‎, 01-16-2013 10:32 AM
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 2,624
    01-16-2013, 05:44 PM Go to last post
  39. R2 significance for smooth data

    I think this is a simple question but I've been unable to find an answer in textbooks, by searching this forum or on-line. How do I determine if an...

    Started by Dave W‎, 01-16-2013 11:23 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,079
    01-16-2013, 11:23 AM Go to last post
  40. Baseball stat fans?

    I play on online Baseball simulator that uses numerous ratings and processes them through an engine which spits out a box score and results. I...

    Started by cledussnow‎, 01-14-2013 01:41 PM
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 1,192
    01-15-2013, 04:46 PM Go to last post
  41. stationarity question

    Suppose V(t)= \frac{1}{2q+1}\sum_{j=-q}^q X(t-j) and X_t = b_o + b_{1}*t + w_t where w_t is ~N(0,1). I know the mean is simply bo + b1*t but I am...

    Started by lord12‎, 01-15-2013 05:46 AM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 1,238
    01-15-2013, 09:18 AM Go to last post
  42. How to do this?

    Hi, The following variables are to be used as predictors in a regression model to predict studentsí learning outcomes (including achievement and...

    Started by statanx‎, 01-14-2013 08:57 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 900
    01-14-2013, 08:57 AM Go to last post
  43. Johansen: How many cointegrating relationships to include in the final VECM?

    If I am doing the Johansen procedure and I find that the rank of \Pi is 2 (with sufficiently high p-value) then when I go to estimate my full VECM do...

    Started by derksheng‎, 12-28-2012 07:24 AM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,339
    01-14-2013, 02:08 AM Go to last post
  44. can I regress first difference on another first difference in cointegration test

    Hello everybody, I have monthly data on world and domestic prices. The model I need to estimate is log-log model (logpdomestic=loga+logpworld+u). So...

    Started by lucky3791‎, 01-02-2013 08:24 AM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,362
    01-14-2013, 02:07 AM Go to last post
  45. semi-log model

    a editor can delete this post.

    Started by thai‎, 01-12-2013 06:00 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,792
    01-12-2013, 06:00 AM Go to last post
  46. Regression with contrained (or known) coefficients

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone had experience with the following situation. Let us consider that y is a linear function of 3 variables, x1,...

    Started by practicalstats‎, 01-11-2013 04:15 PM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 2,415
    01-11-2013, 05:57 PM Go to last post
  47. Model selection in logistic regression

    Hello, I would like to formulate an explanatory model with logistic regression, and I want to select variables that are causal to the dichotomous...

    Started by anker‎, 01-11-2013 08:40 AM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,254
    01-11-2013, 11:04 AM Go to last post
  48. Comparing 2 multiple regression model???

    Hi im new here and to tell the truth i'm still learning about stat and struggling a little bit in my thesis so my question is what should i use is...

    Started by Andy_G‎, 01-10-2013 01:33 PM
    compare regression linear
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 1,802
    01-11-2013, 09:34 AM Go to last post
  49. Interpretation of results from multiple regression analysis

    Hi all, I have just finished a multiple regression analysis for a school assignment. The model has Consumption as its dependent variable, and...

    Started by claus.dp‎, 01-11-2013 07:25 AM
    consumption, explanatory, income, interpretation, wealth
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,741
    01-11-2013, 08:52 AM Go to last post
  50. Interpretation of the regression coefficient of a proportion type IV

    If I want to use some proportion type independent variables in a logistic regression, then what will be the interpretation of the regression...

    Started by Blain Waan‎, 01-11-2013 02:42 AM
    regression coefficient
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 3,176
    01-11-2013, 06:25 AM Go to last post
  51. can you extrapolate a moving average WAy into the future????

    Hi, I have monthly sales data. I have been asked to do a time series moving average??? If I do a 2 month moving average I can only predict...

    Started by LizR‎, 01-10-2013 06:16 AM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 4,299
    01-10-2013, 05:34 PM Go to last post
  52. Quality of regression

    Hey, i made a linear regression between two datasets of the form y=mx+b. I calculated m and b with a formula that is typical for this data. But...

    Started by jdm_dm‎, 01-09-2013 05:00 PM
    linear regression, quality
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,719
    01-10-2013, 04:04 AM Go to last post
  53. Question Question about dealing with missing values in regression

    Hey guys, I have a dataset with ~50 variables, but my dataset is incomplete. For some of these variables (e.g. those for gender) i have created...

    Started by qazxsw99‎, 01-08-2013 07:53 PM
    missing values, stata
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 1,365
    01-09-2013, 05:40 PM Go to last post
  54. Multiple regression

    I have two predictors in my model. One is nominal and dichotomous (Male or Female), and is producing a negative β. The other predictor is ordinal and...

    Started by Boon‎, 01-08-2013 11:14 AM
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 1,407
    01-09-2013, 12:52 PM Go to last post
  55. Determining the Standard Deviation (vice Standard Error) of regression coefficients?

    This is a question Iíve been wondering about for a while, but perhaps itís not possible or perhaps I just need a point in the right direction. I...

    Started by LKM‎, 12-24-2012 02:17 PM
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 1,575
    01-09-2013, 11:55 AM Go to last post
  56. Transformation of Response in Regression Trees

    Hi, After I calculated some multiple regressions I'd like to perform some simple regression trees to capture also some possible nonlinear trends...

    Started by JRadinger‎, 01-09-2013 07:18 AM
    regression tree, response, transformation
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,434
    01-09-2013, 07:18 AM Go to last post
  57. R squared change test for logistic regression

    Some call this F change tests other hieararchical regression (not to be confused with multilevel regression which is also called that by some). It...

    Started by noetsi‎, 01-07-2013 06:14 PM
    • Replies: 13
    • Views: 10,478
    01-08-2013, 06:17 PM Go to last post
  58. Regression with only positive values

    Hi, I'm new and I don't have much mathematical knowledge, just the basis. I have 13 independent variables, and I'm trying to know how much each of...

    Started by Paul_‎, 01-02-2013 07:57 PM
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 3,464
    01-08-2013, 05:07 PM Go to last post
  59. How can I find the values of B0, B1, B2 for MLRM?

    Hi guys, can anyone please help me out on this one? I have to find the values of β1,β2 and β3 for a MLRM - Multiple Linear Regression Method. ...

    Started by carmeron3‎, 01-08-2013 08:17 AM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 2,134
    01-08-2013, 10:39 AM Go to last post
  60. can u help me with theses questions


    Started by mqds82‎, 01-08-2013 04:41 AM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,158
    01-08-2013, 10:12 AM Go to last post

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