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Forum: Statistical Research

Statistical theory and methodology. Mathematical statistics. Parametric inference. Nonparametric inference.

  1. Sticky Thread Sticky: Proof of the day

    In this thread we post one (or more if you can't wait) proof a day. I'll start by proving the that V=\sigma^2(X'X)^{-1} in the linear...

    Started by Englund‎, 01-18-2014 04:56 AM
    • Replies: 14
    • Views: 19,443
    10-11-2014, 12:02 PM Go to last post
  1. Red face Multinomial probabilty

    Hi, Could anyone suggest what test should I apply in the case I have probabilities of 0. For example, I have a vector of counts 127,2,1,0 and I...

    Started by Moriahco‎, 10-14-2015 07:46 AM
    chi sq test, distibution, multinomial, proability
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,283
    10-14-2015, 12:40 PM Go to last post
  2. Multiple correspondence analysis with fuzzy coding

    Hello, I have a data set with six continuous variables. I would like to perform a multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) with fuzzy coding. I was...

    Started by Roni7‎, 10-12-2015 08:42 AM
    correspondence analysis, fuzzy coding, mca
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,382
    10-12-2015, 08:42 AM Go to last post
  3. Testing of correlation coefficients

    Hello, I am wondering if there is any way to test the significance of the correlation coefficients provided in the Eviews 7 cross-correlogram....

    Started by tpk1001‎, 10-11-2015 02:46 PM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,100
    10-11-2015, 02:46 PM Go to last post
  4. Choosing test for dependent anonymous sample comparisons

    I have data collected each year from 2010-2015. In this data I have demographic information and a self-reported score on a 5 pt Likert scale. The...

    Started by LCart‎, 10-08-2015 07:24 AM
    comparing means, dependent samples, statistical analysis
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,092
    10-08-2015, 07:24 AM Go to last post
  5. Difference between samples in terms of frequency ranks

    I have 3 different texts, and for each one of them, I have the frequencies of 25 letters appearing in those texts (Text A, letter A, freq = 5013;...

    Started by NoelAramis‎, 10-07-2015 01:57 AM
    frequency, kruskal-wallis, ranking, ranks
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,456
    10-07-2015, 01:57 AM Go to last post
  6. How to do a post hoc analysis on non-parametric data in SAS

    Good morning! I know there is a statistically significant difference between groups for my non-parametric data-set but I'm not sure how to find...

    Started by Jenny0‎, 10-02-2015 10:36 AM
    nonparametric, sas
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 2,215
    10-02-2015, 01:05 PM Go to last post
  7. Please read me.

    Hi guys, please read me. I need your help. I am a medical student and I am confused with statistics for my research. Ive seen videos in youtube but...

    Started by amitaf‎, 10-02-2015 04:09 AM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,471
    10-02-2015, 07:32 AM Go to last post
  8. How to analyse 5-point likert data with different questions under 1 subset?

    I am working on a research assignment, and has received enough data for analysis In the project, I used health belief model (HBM) to investigate...

    Started by Hack‎, 10-22-2013 01:59 PM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 2,326
    10-01-2015, 08:23 AM Go to last post
  9. Agreement between studies- which test is appropriate?

    I'm not using questionnaire. I need to find the agreement between previous studies on the elements of sustainability practice in campus. I'm applying...

    Started by fariha‎, 09-29-2015 02:28 AM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 1,482
    10-01-2015, 02:33 AM Go to last post
  10. Effect-size Two-way ANOVA repeated measures

    Dear statistical experts, I am getting confused on how to compute effect size in two-way ANOVA with repeated measures. - Should I use Cohen d...

    Started by tkdn‎, 09-30-2015 06:14 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,052
    09-30-2015, 06:14 AM Go to last post
  11. Test for difference between ratio of means, unequal variance.

    Hello there, I an experimental design were I wish to test if the effect of a treatment on several subjects type is different to the effect of...

    Started by Sudders‎, 04-05-2011 04:01 PM
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 6,422
    09-29-2015, 11:58 PM Go to last post
  12. Calculating likelihood for a particular biological sample. Is is possible?

    Hi you all! I've got a problem when trying to analyze some biological data in my PhD. Let's say that I'm interested in performing an analysis...

    Started by EuGENE‎, 09-29-2015 06:42 AM
    biological statistics, likelihood, likelihood ratio test, non parametric
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,157
    09-29-2015, 06:42 AM Go to last post
  13. Coding Group Equivalency on Pre-Treatment Measures for Meta-Analysis?

    Hello- I am constructing a code book for a meta-analysis. I only want to include evaluations where program and comparison groups were reasonably...

    Started by yellowhair03‎, 09-27-2015 11:41 PM
    meta analysis, meta-analysis, meta-regression, standard deviation, statistical research
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 772
    09-27-2015, 11:41 PM Go to last post
  14. Cell culture experiments - parametric testing when there are only three repeats!

    Felt this was a theoretical discussion point. My thesis includes cell culture experiments with 100,000 cells per condition repeated three times....

    Started by drgpenman‎, 09-22-2015 01:06 PM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,544
    09-22-2015, 01:06 PM Go to last post
  15. Suggestions for model fit with unusual data set?

    Good morning, I'm struggling to fit a satisfactory model to a data set I have resulting from a systematic review. I performed a systematic review...

    Started by samuelle‎, 09-21-2015 05:26 AM
    ecology, economics, meta analysis, meta-regression, small sample
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,468
    09-21-2015, 05:26 AM Go to last post
  16. Diebold and Mariano Test

    Hello, I'm currently writing an article about stock return predictability. I have 2 predictive regression models, where I calculated for both the...

    Started by tjeu‎, 04-06-2012 02:24 AM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 8,170
    09-18-2015, 01:21 PM Go to last post
  17. What is Endogeneity?

    Hi! The title says it all. I am a health care worker currently going through a really interesting paper. I have some experience in statistics but...

    Started by plagoniste‎, 09-17-2015 03:31 PM
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 3,241
    09-17-2015, 08:44 PM Go to last post
  18. Input of "0" as a data point

    Hi I am trying to use PCA analysis on chemical data using concentrations that have been identified. I have 1000's of data points and a lot of...

    Started by kiwi8kiri‎, 09-17-2015 08:26 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,093
    09-17-2015, 08:26 AM Go to last post
  19. Question Report effect size?

    Hi, I am new to this forum and my knowledge about statistic is pretty basic. So beforehand I thank you for your help. In my research I used non...

    Started by vitorio‎, 09-14-2015 12:29 PM
    effect size, research
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,852
    09-14-2015, 12:29 PM Go to last post
  20. Advice for a book about Higher Order and Asymptotic Likelihood

    Hi, I'm a bachelor student in statistics. I'm looking for a book about higher order and asymptotic likelihood that is not too complicated and...

    Started by e__‎, 09-14-2015 07:50 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 853
    09-14-2015, 07:50 AM Go to last post
  21. Repeated measures GLM - restricted permutations

    Hi all, I have some multivariate data (species counts) and want to investigate the effect of some treatment over time. I am using the mvabund...

    Started by slam200‎, 09-09-2015 04:38 PM
    multivariate, mvabund, permutation, repeated measures
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,263
    09-09-2015, 04:38 PM Go to last post
  22. Assistance in selecting an appropriate test (two groups, seven years, rating data)

    This is my very first post, and I have just about exhausted my understanding of Google, my textbooks, and existing forum searches. I am...

    Started by pcoraggi‎, 09-06-2015 04:17 PM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,849
    09-06-2015, 04:25 PM Go to last post
  23. Bayesian MCMC Fitting lognorm mixture model w/constraint on population mean

    I am trying to find a reference and/or guidance for fitting a mixture model to a population of data within an MCMC framwork where the global mean is...

    Started by mike-g2‎, 09-02-2015 12:37 PM
    bayesian, constrained, log-normal, mcmc, mixture-model
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,389
    09-02-2015, 12:37 PM Go to last post
  24. A Soccer/Football Ratings System - Home Advantage

    Hi guys, this is my first post. (So do lower your expectations) I'm currently writing a thesis that deal with sports probabilities and part of the...

    Started by chrishello92‎, 09-02-2015 12:48 AM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 4,013
    09-02-2015, 03:42 AM Go to last post
  25. May anyone please tell me what does this output express?

    image hosting 5mb

    Started by Zolitoo‎, 09-01-2015 06:08 PM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,413
    09-01-2015, 06:08 PM Go to last post
  26. Differences in differences analysis( 2 vs 1 data values)

    Hello I am carrying out a differences in differences analysis for the effects of a treaty agreement on GDP of countries who entered the treaty(...

    Started by stat&data‎, 08-27-2015 03:02 PM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,880
    09-01-2015, 11:45 AM Go to last post
  27. Applying parametric tests on non-parametric data

    Hi all, I'm doing a research and I have some concerns, and I'd appreciate your kind assistance on them. Basically, I'm designing an instrument...

    Started by vjyofudp‎, 08-31-2015 10:11 AM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,553
    08-31-2015, 01:21 PM Go to last post
  28. Inaccuracy of Non-Parametric Bootstrap for great sample sizes in Excel-VBA

    My aim is to evaluate the performance of parametric and non-parametric Bootstrap under specific circumstances; and particularly their ability to...

    Started by Paris‎, 08-30-2015 05:15 PM
    bootstrap, bootstrapping, confidence intervals, non parametric, non-parametric bootstrap
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,418
    08-30-2015, 05:15 PM Go to last post
  29. Event study analysis significance tests

    Dear all This is my first post in the forum. I'm sorry if this question already came up, I used the search function but did not find anything. I...

    Started by fossle‎, 08-28-2015 04:14 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,673
    08-28-2015, 04:14 AM Go to last post
  30. How to analyse a set of data without normality and homoscedasticity?

    Hello, I'm a postgraduate student in Biology. From some time on, I wanted to publish a paper regarding the affectance of temperature to the shell...

    Started by Alaris‎, 08-28-2015 02:08 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,094
    08-28-2015, 02:08 AM Go to last post
  31. How to compare the slopes of two graphs or trend lines

    Hi I have 2 variables which trend over time ( by year). One variable is the mutation rate and the other is drug use. There are 333 samples each...

    Started by vanhas‎, 08-27-2015 08:03 AM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 3,464
    08-27-2015, 11:02 AM Go to last post
  32. Comparing categorical and numerical results simultaneously

    Hi all, This question is in regards to options for analysing a dataset. I have a dataset where we have 23 video clips that have been treated using...

    Started by Sicyopterus‎, 08-27-2015 12:17 AM
    ecology, statistical analysis, statistical design
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,238
    08-27-2015, 12:17 AM Go to last post
  33. Statistical tests for the analysis of acoustic parameters of one speaker

    Hello! I would like to address the question regarding the statistics. I am analyzing the relation between the narrow focus and fundamental...

    Started by draganvarajic‎, 08-26-2015 05:38 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 944
    08-26-2015, 05:38 AM Go to last post
  34. RCT with several follow-up measures. How to counterbalance the dependent variable?

    Hi everyone, I am new here so I hope I post this in the right Sub! Please let me know if there is a better Sub for it- I appreciate your help!! :)...

    Started by Hanni_Berlin‎, 08-20-2015 07:22 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,551
    08-20-2015, 07:22 AM Go to last post
  35. Statistical Analysis for Master's Thesis

    Hello Everyone, So this is my first forum post ever :) probably because I just couldn't figure out solution by myself this time. Thank you in...

    Started by may_survey‎, 08-14-2015 06:24 PM
    multinomial, thesis
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 1,885
    08-18-2015, 06:34 PM Go to last post
  36. cross-tabs or non-parametric independent sample t-test

    I have conducted a survey to determine if there is a significant difference in the number farmers and non-farmers which agree to a specific farming...

    Started by MayTrix‎, 07-23-2015 10:04 AM
    cross tabulation, non parametric
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 2,029
    08-17-2015, 01:32 PM Go to last post
  37. Seeking help for the interpretation of model fit indices

    Hi everyone... Please help me with the following question I'm doing my research that one of it aims is to test the model fit of a particular model....

    Started by deden‎, 08-16-2015 07:25 AM
    chi square, gfi, interpretation, model fit indices, sem
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,084
    08-16-2015, 07:25 AM Go to last post
  38. Seeking help on Inferential Stats

    Sir, Please help in the following question.Kindly lay emphasis on the reasoning behind selecting any particular test to solve it. Ques--On an...

    Started by Sherlock‎, 08-15-2015 02:18 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,296
    08-15-2015, 02:18 AM Go to last post
  39. Poisson/Gamma model (empirical Bayes), prior distribution parameters calculation

    Hello everyone, I want to calculate the α and β estimates of the prior (Gamma) distribution for the Poisson/Gamma model based on the Empirical...

    Started by Paris‎, 08-14-2015 01:11 PM
    empirical bayes, estimation, parameter estimation, poisson gamma model, prior distribution
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 836
    08-14-2015, 01:11 PM Go to last post
  40. Exploratory Factor Analysis problems

    Independent Variable: 49 state survey of state court administration: how much power does the state court administrator have over 31 separate...

    Started by cynicalflyer‎, 08-11-2015 03:22 PM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,404
    08-12-2015, 07:44 AM Go to last post
  41. Calculating forecast error for a long-term volatility forecast

    Hi, I am trying to calculate the forecast standard error for a long-term volatility forecast of a time series. I am simply using the unbiased...

    Started by AndrewLong‎, 08-11-2015 05:55 AM
    error, forecast, forecast error, standard error, volatility
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,062
    08-11-2015, 05:55 AM Go to last post
  42. Power calculation for accuracy tests

    Excuse my ignorance I would like to do a simple study. I have 3 screening tests and a gold standard test which will put patients into +ve and -ve...

    Started by drflett‎, 08-07-2015 06:44 AM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,497
    08-10-2015, 02:41 PM Go to last post
  43. Multiple Linear Regression or Hierarchical MLR?

    Hi team. I will be studying the non-causational relationship between coping and posttraumatic growth in bereavement where: Coping is a single...

    Started by rustyhinges‎, 08-09-2015 02:23 PM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,212
    08-09-2015, 02:23 PM Go to last post
  44. Calculating variance for variable derived from two correlated variables

    Hello, I am analyzing a dataset based on a survey of organic farmers. Among other things, I have data about the farmer's organic seed usage and...

    Started by JaredZystro‎, 08-05-2015 03:41 PM
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,857
    08-07-2015, 04:22 PM Go to last post
  45. Bayesian inference with unequal sampling

    I have a "two-column" data set, with a multi-class categorical variable A, and two-class variable B. It is assumed that each observation is...

    Started by NaiveBayesian‎, 08-07-2015 08:15 AM
    bayesian, bayesian inference, sample size, sampling
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,070
    08-07-2015, 08:15 AM Go to last post
  46. How To Test A Distribution For Normalcy

    I'm looking for Visual Basic source code that will, after entering the data of a distribution, test that distribution for being normal or 'almost'...

    Started by TheStatProf‎, 08-06-2015 08:45 PM
    formula, normality test
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,419
    08-06-2015, 08:45 PM Go to last post
  47. Research Study

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask for help regarding my YES/No Survey. Could somebody me how to compute for this. thanks!!:):):)

    Started by yav‎, 08-06-2015 03:19 AM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 1,770
    08-06-2015, 07:50 AM Go to last post
  48. Kolmogorov-Smirnov vs. Kuiper test

    Hello, I would like to compare two 2D distributions with quantitative variables, illustrated here: For each "x", they are several measures...

    Started by recherche888‎, 08-05-2015 12:21 PM
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 1,982
    08-06-2015, 07:48 AM Go to last post
  49. Need help picking a statistical procedure

    Hello all, We have collected quite a bit of data and we would like to write it up as a study, but we are having trouble determining which...

    Started by LCs&c‎, 08-05-2015 12:02 PM
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,534
    08-06-2015, 07:46 AM Go to last post
  50. Not sure what statistical test to use

    Hello: I have a couple of questions regarding what statistical test I should choose. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Break down on...

    Started by Dgs878‎, 08-05-2015 09:24 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,646
    08-05-2015, 09:24 AM Go to last post
  51. maximizing probability that one variable is greater than another

    hi, There is a random variable X with a known distribution along its support interval, say, . Need to find a distribution function of another...

    Started by Vova‎, 07-28-2015 06:58 AM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,946
    07-29-2015, 07:18 AM Go to last post
  52. Exclamation What statistical analysis tests to use for these 3 questions

    1. Examining the effects of being a victim of violence (categorical yes/no) on hostile attribution scores (continuous variable)? 2. Examining the...

    Started by lindalmw‎, 07-13-2015 04:43 AM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 2,211
    07-29-2015, 03:10 AM Go to last post
  53. multiple measurements per condition for a repeated measures ANOVA

    I want to know whether I can use the repeated measures ANOVA for my analysis - I collected from 1 to 6 data points per condition from each of 13...

    Started by relliott‎, 07-28-2015 04:48 PM
    repeated measure anova
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,029
    07-29-2015, 02:58 AM Go to last post
  54. Multiple Comparisons across events with discrete probabilities?

    Been stuck on this problem for a few days. I have calculated many distributions that are all non-parametric, but appear to have trended to be...

    Started by eagb‎, 07-22-2015 10:33 AM
    discrete probability, multiple comparisions, non-parametric test
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,285
    07-22-2015, 10:33 AM Go to last post
  55. post-hoc for nonparametric paired data in groups of unequal sizes

    I am trying to do post-hoc analysis for nonparametric data. The group sizes are unequal but are paired. I've found several tests online,...

    Started by skylandyu‎, 07-21-2015 01:54 PM
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 2,442
    07-22-2015, 09:54 AM Go to last post
  56. correcting for early user bias

    Okay, forgive me if this is in the wrong place. Feel free to move it if it isn't. And please forgive me as I know VERY little about statistics and my...

    Started by hoodleehoo‎, 07-20-2015 01:38 PM
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 2,364
    07-20-2015, 08:24 PM Go to last post
  57. Transformation of panel count variables with multitude of zero values

    Hello dear forum members! For a panel of 1,700 physicians observed from 2009 to 2013, my data includes two variables -- number of favorable(fav)...

    Started by kiton‎, 07-19-2015 02:58 PM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 2,046
    07-20-2015, 04:05 PM Go to last post
  58. methods for selection a subset of population to measure biomarkers

    Hi! In a quite large time-to-event clinical trial project, the population is very large (more than 1,000 people). I want to measure the subjects'...

    Started by freezingswallow‎, 07-20-2015 12:49 PM
    biomarkers, survival analysys
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 984
    07-20-2015, 03:09 PM Go to last post
  59. stat test

    I want to test the following hypothesis. Which test would be appropriate to test it? H1: The Millennials in YMCA Central Florida score lower in...

    Started by eunkum‎, 07-15-2015 07:42 PM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,616
    07-18-2015, 12:12 PM Go to last post
  60. Error with Skillings-Mack test in R

    I was trying to perform a Skillings-Mack test in R and can only get error message saying "Error in split.default(x = seq_len(nrow(x)), f = f, drop =...

    Started by skylandyu‎, 07-13-2015 12:12 PM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,730
    07-13-2015, 12:12 PM Go to last post

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