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    Testing of Hypothesis

    ..of course. ...this is exactly what I mean (unless the OP didn't forget to include the responses from the control group....) I hope that the OP will understand how important is to write down the entire and original text....and show his effort to solve the problem
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    Testing of Hypothesis

    the way to approach the problem are more than one (for example I'd like to attack it in a Bayesian way). But I think that the most natural and intuitive way is to state the Hypothesis System as follows: H0: the Company claims that the decision of a drinker to say: natural of fake (I remember a...
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    Testing of Hypothesis

    Hi @Karabiner: can you please explain which is the error in my brainstorming? Isn't it the same prolem as the following? If the number of tossing was grater you can use other tests, i.e. chi-squared, but with only 10 tosses I think that a non parametric approach with the binomial test is...
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    Testing of Hypothesis

    anyway....the test you are asked to do looks like the "sign test", which is a "binomial test". further hint: this is the observed distribution of the ten drinkers with the fake coffee..... (I'm one of the eight....I'm italian!). for you help I marked also all the significant level on each...
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    Estimation of an exponential parameter

    this is my hint: You can proceed with the definition of Survival Function as below Now you can easily get the CDF(z) and the corresponding pdf(z) by simply deriving the CDF with respect to z Generally speaking, the question has a common answer: the CDF of the min of n iid random variables is...
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    Hi from Italy

    Hello to everybody. I am Alberto, typing form Italy...I like Statistics but for fun....I am not a student, I am 55