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    Logistic Regression Problem - HELP!

    A local health clinic sent fliers to its clients to encourage everyone, but especially older persons at high risk of complications, to get a flue shot in time for protection against an expected flu epidemic. In a pilot follow-up study, 160 clients were randomly selected and asked whether they...
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    Sample Size Determination

    n=8, mean=5096, StDev=1460, SEmean=516.19 I need a 95% confidence interval no wider than $360. What is the minimum sample size required? I calculated this as 193, but was told I was incorrect. The issue may be with my bound, which I calculated to be 0.0706, or 7.06%. Using the formula...
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    Test Statistic and P-value Calculation???

    A 1995 survey indicated that 7% of the adolescents in this age group had tried marijuana. Assuming 7% was the true value in 1995, you want to perform a test to determine whether the proportion of kids in this age group that have tried marijuana has changed since 1995. Let α = 0.1. What is the...
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    CI for difference between means

    Control: n=13, Mean=32.77, StDev=32.77, SEMean=3.328 Treatment: n=16, Mean=42.01, StDev=17.2, SEMean=4.3 Point Estimate for treatment - control = 9.24 df = 27 What is the 98% CI? I calculated the ME as 13.45 and the CI as (-4.21, 22.69) Is this correct?