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    SEM identification question

    For the identification of P(Y=y|do(X=x)), one can condition on a set which has no descendants of X and d-separates all back-door paths. What would be the corresponding graphical criteria for the identification of P(Y=y|do(X=x),do(Z=z))? In particular, I have a mediation model, so I'm interested...
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    odds ratios instead of coefficients for treatment model w/ teffects ipw

    Is there a way to get Stata to display the odds ratios for the treatment model instead of model coefficients after running the 'teffects ipw' command? thank you!
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    loop in SAS

    Hi all, I'd like to loop the following code below so that there's not so much coding. How can I do this? Ods output OneWayFreqs=comordata1; proc freq data=dat; tables comor1; run; Ods output OneWayFreqs=comordata2; proc freq data=dat; tables comor2; run; Ods output...
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    keeping only certain values of a variable (not manually)

    Hi there, I have two data sets. One is a large data set containing a week variable 'wk'. The other has just one variable , 'wk2', which contains values of 'wk' corresponding to rows in the large data set that I'd like to keep, and remove the rest. How can I do this? (without manually...