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    maximum likelihood

    Hello! I would like to know if what I need to do is feasible. Given a sample x=[-1 0 2 3], I would like to know the probability (the likelihood) that the sample has been generated by a normal distribution N(2,2). Thanks a lot, Luis.
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    cumulative distribution function

    Hello to everyone and thanks for your time. I have a variable theta, distributed normally. I have a function V. I know how to calculate the probability of theta being higher than something Pr(theta>0). This is the question, how to calculate the probability of the function V evaluated...
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    Conditional expectation

    Good afternoon, I have to calculate the expected value of a logistic distribution given that the values are above a given constant (lets say 0). So far I have done it numerically by programming a generator of random numbers coming from a logistic distribution and then taking the average of those...