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    Need to hire a statistics consultant to review Ph.D. results

    I am looking to hire a statistics consultant with expertise in SPSS and logistic regression to review the analysis/results of my dissertation research. My last stats class was years ago and wanting someone to check my interpretation. I am doing basic logistric regressions. Most of the...
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    Can I compute a scale if the variables have missing data?

    I need to compute a scale to measure academic achievement from a 113 item rating scale that contains academic questions but does not yield an academic scale score. The Cronbach alpha is high enough when I use the selected variables but there is some missing data for each variable. (For example...
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    Skewed dependent variable in logistic regression-how to handle

    I am conducting research on juvenile firesetting with a child's self report of firesetting as my dependent variable.(0= never played with or set fires and 1= has played with or set fires.) I selected logistic regression due to the dichotomous variable and the goal of my study. I ran the...