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    Is there another more active SPSS forum?

    Hello, There seems to be very little activity here. Several years ago 'SPSS help forum' was quite active but I can't find it now. Can anyone recommend an alternative? Thank you.
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    Rate of Change and Percentage Change derived variables

    Hello, Is it possible to readily calculate these in SPSS or should I do these calculations in Excel and import from there? My data comprise the levels of blood protein measured daily during hospitalisation. I wish to compare (1) the rate of change in this protein over time and (2) the...
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    df error for 2 way repeated measures anova (simple query)

    Hi, Ive done a 2 way repeated measures with one within subjects variable (Within) and one between subjects variable (Between) each with 2 levels using SPSS. The output gives me values for df Error(Within) and Error for Between and they are the same but does not give Error(Within*Between)...