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    How can I report common strings in array/dataframe

    Can you provide an example of what you want?
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    How can I report common strings in array/dataframe

    Ok - I see what you're doing now. You want to find the common intersection of elements over all the columns. > # making some fake data > dat <- data.frame(a = letters[1:5], b = letters[2:6], c = letters[3:7]) > dat a b c 1 a b c 2 b c d 3 c d e 4 d e f 5 e f g > # for a single pair...
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    How can I report common strings in array/dataframe

    You'll need to be more specific. Are you looking to do this on a per column basis? Do you want to ignore the columns and treat all if the data combined? Maybe you're interested in unique rows? You didn't provide enough info in your post to know for sure.
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    ERROR: Row or column names must be character

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    Strange results of logistic regression

    Is the p-value for the interaction the same in both cases
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    Share your functions & code

    This wasn't really a TIL but it's also RStudio specific. But there are a few examples of some helpful snippets you could include in RStudio to make your life easier - I'm too lazy to list them out so check out the blog posting
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    Granular p-values

    What context are you seeing this be discussed
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    'relative difference' as dependent variable

    What does the originally data look like? Do you have access to the original data?
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    Approximate 95% confidence interval- Practice exam question

    I think C would be the typical answer if not for the word "approximate". That alone makes me think they want them to use 2 instead of the slightly more exact 1.96 when constructing the interval and in using 2 that does lead to (D).
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    Skewness coefficients

    I don't understand - if you're fitting with a normal distribution then there isn't any skew being modeled.
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    Please help with the following question

    Not quite. What are you using for the distribution of the sum
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    Please help with the following question

    Do you know how to find the distribution of the sum of normally distributed random variables
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    Please help with the following question

    Hint: start by using the info provided to figure out the standard deviation for one link
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    Summing number of "successes" over multiple related binary variables for a patient

    For ten variables? Probably just easiest to treat each one on a case by case basis
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    Can you help me with this question

    I'm not so sure about that. But that's partially because the original post is hard to follow. From the description it seems like multinomial might be more appropriate?