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    pvalue Model Terms

    If you're simulating according to the usual assumptions then it should be exact already.
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    pvalue Model Terms

    Nope - not missing anything. As long as you're simulating properly and using an exact test the p-value distribution will be uniform. So if you choose .05 for alpha then that will be the true probability of rejecting the null and thus the value your rejection rate will converge to under the law...
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    Validating a model

    What is your sample size
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    Removing terms from a model

    It would be more common to do an F test
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    Removing terms from a model

    Look up full versus reduced tests. It's the same math that all of the other tests are built on.
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    Removing terms from a model

    It's just a way of saying including additional terms in the model (whether linear terms for other predictors, polynomial terms for already included variables, or interaction terms). Including any of those will "spend" degrees of freedom.
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    Please help me to solve the below integration

    I don't immediately recognize this a something we could apply a kernel trick to. Have you tried partial fractions? Possibly integration by parts but I feel like that wouldn't get you far but it's been a while since I've had to do any actual integration so my intuition might be off.
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    Gambling probability problem

    To me it does
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    Gambling probability problem

    I love that you humans still think captcha photos are about trying to keep bots out. They help train the bots but they're not much of a detriment...
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    Gambling probability problem

    I'm always extremely prejudiced... Against raptors.
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    Strange package import error

    Did you try what it suggested
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    Is chi-square test not accurate if one cell is below 5?

    Actual count or expected count?
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    Mann-Kendall interpretation. Working in R, "object 'y' not found"

    I barely skimmed this but I'm guessing you want x$V3 instead of y$V3
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    Sx comes up empty on my T-84 plus

    Usually I'd ask for actual code but this time I'll do the one thing I normally hate. Can you post some photos of your calculator so we can actually see what you input and the commands you're using?
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    Least square estimation with one parameter ?

    What estimation techniques have you learned about? Or should have learned about? Are there any techniques in your notes or your book that aren't least squares?