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    t, Z and sigma again

    The mathematical justification is covered in almost all mathematical statistics textbooks. Requires a decent amount of math background to derive the results though.
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    Conditional probability

    Which values for X satisfy both X ≥ 1 and X ≥ 2?
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    What is this time series coding doing

    Let's be clear. I explained what the () surrounding the entire code chunk was doing. I didn't mention the square brackets at all. Which were you asking about
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    What is this time series coding doing

    I find it odd that you typed that out instead of copy/pasting. You missed the closing parenthesis on each of the quotes. But to answer the question by wrapping everything in parenthesis it will automatically print the results. Typically if you store a result into a variable you don't...
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    discrete probability function P(X=i) =(1/2)^i for i = 1,2,3 X³ e [-9,9]

    Nothing is bad about simple solution when the problems aren't complex.
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    Problem with package

    So monthdays is a function. So you need to supply it an argument (or at least call the function somehow). I really don't know what you were trying to do with your code. Can you explain in plain words what you were trying to achieve?
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    Playing Cards Probability

    Must have got too excited from all the math
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    Hayes Process V3.3 Model 89 in SPSS V25

    The attachment would be more helpful if it existed I think
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    Observational Study

    Can we make your question more vague
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    Multiple Linear Regression: to split or not the data

    In your one model approach did you include the gender*age interaction term?
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    CI from normal distribution using indicator random variables

    Have you learned about the continuous mapping theorem?
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    Problem with package

    What is the structure of monthdays?
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    I would love to hear your reasoning for asking about why you should or should not use the Poisson distribution.
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    Simple question. Type of data?

    Yeah... entirely ordinal. Just because somebody attaches numbers to something doesn't make it continuous.
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    Absolute dumbest question so be gentle

    That depends on what your goal is.