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    t test Type II error %

    I refuse to talk about this anymore until you show how you would do a test for some actual data.
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    t test Type II error %

    Maybe it might help if I illustrate *why* it's not just a shift. First let's start by looking at the test statistic: t = (xbar1 - xbar2)/(Sp*sqrt(1/n1 + 1/n2)) hopefully the terminology is clear enough here. I'm going to make a slight simplification and just define SE = (Sp*sqrt(1/n1 +...
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    t test Type II error %

    So as had been said before it's perfectly possible to do the power calculation. It requires the non-central T distribution to do so. No amount of 'shifting' the T distribution will be able to match the non-central T exactly so you're fighting a losing battle by taking this approach. Your...
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    Normal distribution - online advertising

    I use the Pee table. My kids think it's hilarious. /s
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    Non-linear diagnostics

    I don't necessarily see anything to suggest non linearity. What do the partial residual plots look like if you log transform the dependent variable though.
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    Probability of two players

    Look up "convolution". But yeah the info you gave isn't nearly enough for a discrete random variable and even less so for a continuous one. Just a suggestion for the future - give all relevant details. We have 9 posts here before we even got an outline of what you are actually trying to do. We...
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    Probability of two players

    Ok but still... Not enough info. I mean it's entirely possible for player A to have less than 20 points and player B to have more than 10 in a way that they sum to over 30. So we don't have enough info. Is this literally the only info you have?
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    Probability of two players

    Well the issue is we literally have other points we know must exist but we don't have information to tell us if any of the other point combinations sum to 30.
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    Probability of two players

    I think we would need more info. Are there scores independent. What are the probabilities of any other score they could get.
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    Normal Distribution Help Please.

    That's not nearly enough information to make a decision on whether the data is normal or not.
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    Different coefficients from regression and trendline equation

    I mean I agree. But it's not as bad as it used to be. Did you ever think you'd think we me say that?
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    Different coefficients from regression and trendline equation

    Sounds like you weren't fitting the same model.
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    Yeah I don't know why you don't think you can treat this as continuous here
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    Regression Analysis without Excel or other program

    So if you had that flipped around are you still looking to match the results from when const = TRUE or do you want const = FALSE? Basically do you want to find m when fitting: y = mx + b or y = mx Also - what application are you using?