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    Regression to compare mean differences?

    Hi everyone, I am doing a project with two different groups (clinical and control). I want to compare their scores on a couple of variables (ex: body image disturbance), while controlling for age and BMI. My committee member recommended I do a regression, and noted that it would allow me...
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    How to understand these (discrepant?) findings?

    Hi everyone, I'm doing a project where I'm developing/validating a new questionnaire about body image (BodyImageNEW). I'm comparing it to an already-existing questionnaire of body image (BodyImageESTABLISHED). I have two samples: Undergraduate sample (control) Eating disorder sample...
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    Discriminant Function Analysis reveals cut off score?

    Hi everyone, I have a research project where I am looking at the psychometric properties of a new questionnaire about body image. I have two samples: an eating disorder sample and an undergrad control sample. I wanted to see how well my questionnaire discriminates between clinical cases...