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    How do I check for normality?

    You need to check for normality for variable included in the analysis and in your case it is test score
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    Useful R packages

    The following R packages might be of use 1. Foreign package for importing other data sets such as SPSS, SAS 2.tidyverse - Data Manupulation 3. e1071 - Statistical functions 4. ggplot2 - Graphs 5. sqlF - SQL functions 6. RMySQL - MySQL database related package Editor IJSMI
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    Appropriate Stats tests

    If you want to test the impact of training of staff then two groups needed in this case Tylenol with training given to staff Tylenol without training given to staff
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    Correct model for outcome variable with 4 categories

    You can try with partial proportional odds model
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    Which statistical tests should be performed?

    You need to use repeated measures ANOVA
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    Book/Website Recommendation

    You can check the following book which covers Statistical Methods and R Introduction to Statistical Methods ISBN - 9798629947158
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    Bayesian Methodology: An overview with the help of R software...

    Bayesian Methodology: An overview with the help of R software ISBN-13: 978-1092939898
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    it is not about the end or middle of the curve. The probability value is proportional to the area under curve
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    Hierarchical linear model/ Regression Analysis

    You can use HLM for the type of data you specified in your question. You can also refer the following paper on HLM Woltman, Heather, et al. "An introduction to hierarchical linear modeling." Tutorials in Quantitative Methods for Psychology8.1 (2012): 52-69. Editor ISJMI
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    How can I find an interval estimate for the mean of a Weibull distribution?

    You can refer the following papers and books Yuan, F. (2018). Parameter estimation for bivariate Weibull distribution using generalized moment method for reliability evaluation. Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 34(4), 631-640. Rinne, H. (2008). The Weibull distribution: a...
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    Reporting ordinal regression results

    1. You can use coefficients from the model to show which group of variables predicts the variable Usually the results of the ordinal regression model output is difficult to interpret as it involves logit (log of odds). If the dependent variable involves 5 levels then you will have 4 logits to...
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    Have no idea how to go about this issue

    you can use binomial probability to calculate the probability of no one is submitting false information i.e 0.44 and minus it from 1 for atleast one gives false information .you can refer the following book for more info
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    Is the mean of means the best option for my data?

    you can use repeated measures ANOVA either parametric or its non parametric equivalent depending on the nature of the data you can refer for a tutorial on the following link
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    Book Review - Essentials of Bio statistics: An overview with the help of software

    Would like to receive the review for the following book Essentials of Bio-statistics: An overview with the help of software This book intends to provide an overview of biostatistics concepts and methodology through the use of statistical software. It helps clinicians...