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    Which test(s) does SPSS use in a multiple regression analysis?

    Hello, Which test(s) does SPSS use in a multiple regression analysis (MRA)? We can load a data table into it with data types ranging from categorical to continuous, but SPSS doesn't seem to mind. Does that mean that it automatically switches to nonparametric tests if need be, for its MRA?
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    How many data rows can SPSS handle?

    In a few weeks an internet survey will hopefully start that should get a response rate of somewhere between 2 and 6 thousand people. I'm assuming the latter for now, just to be sure. The (MySQL) table will be split into subtables, but the biggest subtable might still have some 2500 records...
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    Nonparametric alternative for Spearman's rho for correlation strength?

    My question is as simple as it may be difficult: is there any other nonparametric test besides Spearman's rho to compute the correlation strength between a predictor and an outcome variable of which the first is almost certain to have a skewed distribution? The reason why I'm asking is that in...