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    General inverse variance method

    Hi I hope I've posted this in the right place. I'm converting standardised mean differences to log OR for a meta-analysis. Just wanting to know can I combine log OR with the standard OR I have from papers? Or would I need to convert the OR's from papers into log ORs for analysis...
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    Multiple intervention groups for meta-analysis help

    Hi everybody I'm conducting a meta-analysis, and some papers have 2 or 3 intervention groups in addition to the control. I read that I should possibly split the control group equally and examine as separate outcomes. Also, would it be as simple as splitting the control equally, and...
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    percentages or adjusted odds ratio on revman help

    Hi Hi, I'm new to meta-analyses and revman and would really appreciate your help! I have data from an article I wish to add to revman. They have given an adjusted odds ratio, percentages of the event, and the total number of participants in each group. I thought that if I had the...