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    is there a statistical test for this

    I want to know if there is a statistical difference between the 2 sets of data. Red and black are cateegorical variables which are unknown if they affect y. Time is known to affect y.
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    Which statistical treatment to use?

    Thank you very much for replying. What I mean is something like this. There is a box that produces alcohol. Within the box are small cylinders. In set up A - the cylinders are arranged vertically In set up B - the cylinders are arranged horizontally In set up C - the cylinders are arranged...
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    Which statistical treatment to use?

    Here's the situation. I have 3 set-ups: A, B, and C I want to measure 2 variables in all of them (pH and alcoholic content) over time I want to know if the pH level or alcoholic content in A is significantly higher or lower than the one in B or C based on their time trends. I don't want to...