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    Random Sampling

    I have a dataset of 1000 with the following variables: subjno, hospnm, and bthwt. I need to complete the object below. Objective: • Convert the Excel spreadsheet into a SAS dataset (permanent or temporary) • Write a program to randomly select 3 VLBW, 10 LBW, and 25 normal infants from each...
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    Importing excel sheets using macro statment

    I need to complete an four tasks as follows: There are 3 Excel files, DATAFILE1.XLS, DATAFILE2.XLS and DATAFILE3.XLS Copy these files into the folder: C:\SUM_2016\SUM2016_HW\HW6\ 1.Write a SAS macro to convert each one of these 3 Excel files into 3 SAS datasets 2.Write a SAS macro...