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    what test should be used to tell if two regression lines are significantly different

    I have two lines in a x-y plot 1. observed migration distance (y) and predicted migration distance (x) (Y=0.95X+0.31, the slope coefficient and the intercept p-value = 0.001) 1:1 line (slope: 1 and intercept: 0) The null hypothesis is y=ax+b a1=1=a2 and b1=b2 Please kindly advise what...
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    what test to use tell significant difference of two quadratic regression curves

    Hello I have two curves of quadratic regression models in a x-y plot 1. y=a1x^2+b1x+c1 Y= -0.51X2-0.88X+3.21, R2: 0.12, coefficient of the quadratic term: p-value = 0.001 y=a2x^2+b2x+c2 Y= -0.17X2-0.13X+3.41, R2: 0.99, coefficient of the quadratic term: p-value = 0.001 I want to know if...
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    how to add quantity information to boxplot

    Hello I am using boxplots to show the distribution of some data. However, some comments says the boxplot can not show the concentration quantity of the data. (For example, suppose I have data of body length ranging from 150- 169 cm of a group of girl. The boxplot shows only the median...