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    How much of Science is based on Statistics

    Since I got a like from @ondansetron - I thought I would also mention that I read last night Yule was able to grasp and explain autocorrelation in time series using physics (e.g., pendulum swinging). Also, since you all were referencing extreme p-values and collider research, I reviewed an...
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    Hi everyone!

    Purge those question into posts and we will hope that someone can answer them. Welcome aboard!
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    Hazardratio statement, interaction in Proc Phreg (cox-regression)

    Alright, I will take a look on the web... This is what I found, seems achievable using the contrast statement in this document. Post the solution you come up with or if you need more help.
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    Hazardratio statement, interaction in Proc Phreg (cox-regression)

    Yeah, I would imagine the HazardRatio statement is needed to specify the desired estimate. Perhaps look towards proc logistic examples to see how they solved a similar question, I am guessing with an estimate or contrast statement. Sorry I don't have time to be more helpful. :(
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome aboard, i have two daughters as well! We look forward to your questions and contributions.
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    calculating the effect size

    Predicted probabilities and accuracy are two model metrics used regularly.
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    Can I use Multiple Regression on my data?

    Seems possibly reasonable to do. The important thing is that you meet the model assumptions.
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    calculating the effect size

    @noetsi I agree with you, but I believe some people do deem these partial R-squares as effect "sizes".
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    Bootstrapping in SAS

    @noetsi - lets see the reference to using bagging with time series. I start what seems like it will be an intro to time series in 10 days. So I will learn a little more and hoping catch-up to your in your time series lingo. Cheers!
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    Revman 5-Generic inverse variance method

    Not overly familiar with Revman, but yes the 95% CI values are also invariable, meaning you can also use their inverse. Whenever I have a question like this, to confirm the validity, I will just run a model both ways using an available dataset to show that it works - for reassurance purposes...
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    calculating the effect size

    Not familiar with SPSS, but this should get you in the right direction:
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    Spearman Correlation or Kendall

    Are you just caring about the first and last columns?
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    Spearman Correlation or Kendall

    Can you provide an actually faux example of your data? Also, what is your sample size? Thank you!
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    calculating the effect size

    @Eleni A, In the social sciences the tend to use partial R-square as an effect size. So if I have a model: y = X1 + X2, I could generate the amount of R-square explained by X1 and X2. I can also slap confidence intervals on these values. They are called something like omega or epsilon partial...
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    Trial sequential analysis of noninferiority randomized control trials

    Hmm, interesting topic. I have not done really any of these analyses before. For non-inferiority, I usually double my alpha, since it is actually one-sided - this is when I use traditional null hypothesis. But it seems you are looking to redefine the null value (constant you are using for a...