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    Post Hoc analyses 3 X 2 design Significance.

    Hi All, I am conducting an 3 (= nominal; Review tone: positive / negative / extremely negative) X 2 (=nominal; Identification shown: With name versus Without name) study on the Dependent variables (= Scale; Website credibility, reviewer credibility, message credibility). I want to examine my...
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    Compute Likert-Scale Measures

    Hello all, My supervisor provided me with a dataset of which I am computing the variables. In the questionnaire, items were provided with a 7-point Likert-scale (1 = fully disagree; 7 = fully agree). In my data set, all DV value-labels are set up as below. However, the value labels seem strange...
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    Interest in Sports: a Moderator or Mediator in increasing sport behavior

    Hi everyone. I organize an intervention with outcome goal to increase physical activity, through the mediator "increased physical activity possibilities in your neighbourhood). I also want to include interest in sport as a moderator or mediator. But is this a moderator or a mediator? I am...