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    Time Series Analysis Threshold Value

    I have time-series data for 0 min, 5 min, 10 min, etc. for 5000 genes. (Gene expression). I want to set a threshold value to eliminate reads that are just "noise," so that they do not contribute too much to the fold-increases/decreases that I am trying to analyze. What is a good way to...
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    Principal Component Analysis in R- Data rotation

    I ran prcomp on my data (7000 observations, 48 variables), and I biplot I got seems to have thousands of points. My guess is that R is treating each of the 7000 observations as variables. Is there a way to "rotate" my data so that I get 48 points on my PCA graph instead of 7000? Each column...
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    Principal Component Analysis in R Help

    I am a beginner to R. I have read several guides, but still am stuck on this: I have data in an excel csv file, on which I want to run PCA. I'm not sure how the prcomp formula works. The help page states: prcomp(x, retx = TRUE, center = TRUE, scale. = FALSE, tol = NULL, ...)...