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    Pearson r value

    If I have 100 subjects with 100 x and y values each can I simply combine them all together to get an r value? It is with the same variables (body temperature and heart rate). Obvioualy some inter-subject variability exists but collected under the same conditions.
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    Pearsons r question

    The variable is what I mean. I know the blood pressure range is between 115-120. Both methods are within this range so I know they are correct. Problem is they are a bit “bouncy” within this range so the r is low. I’m trying to figure out a way to show that both methods are the same. I’m...
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    Pearsons r question

    I’m getting correlation values to see correlation between parameters using two different methods. For almost all parameters this is working great. One parameter has an inherently low range, so my r values are low even though both methods are within an acceptable range and considered...
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    Using bland-Altman plots

    Can you use this approach for multiple subjects (n=100) with repeated measures (100 timepoints collected at the same time for both methods)? Or is there a better way to visualize this type of methods comparison data?
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    Method comparison/correlation

    I need to compare blood pressure measurements in see if the new method collects data that is as reliable as the historical way. 100 rats were used with with data collected every 30 sec for an hour. Both methods were used to collect data simultaneously. Should I do r values for all...