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    Fixed effects regression

    you can search in google with the core words "panel data", or reference to the book "Wooldridge, J.M., 2016. Introductory Econometrics A Modern Approach, 6ed.". the essential of the fixed effect model in the panel data is a regression model.
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    Loglinear vs. Logistic Regression

    Loglinear model is only used in the circumstance with the continued dependent and independent variable. it has the elasticity interpretation and this based model is popular in empirical analysis in economics.
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    Which Tests to Run

    regression model
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    Significant Friedman's test but non-significant post-hoc tests

    the logic of the ANOVA (with some assumptions) is doing the F test first, If we reject the ANOVA hypothesis, then we should do the pairwise comparisons, such as Bonferroni correction or Tukey’s Studentized Range test.
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    Association between non-normal continuous variable and dichotomous variable

    according to the statistics language, you need to collect a random sample to study the relationship, a convenience sample would get a biased outcome. for example, if a random sample from a simple random trial that means the sample with the same probability selected in your sample. a convenience...
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    Association between non-normal continuous variable and dichotomous variable

    the core point is that whether your data are random data or not. if yes, the t-test or a simple regression model can work, or a non-parameter test if the distribution is not normal. If your data is not random, you need to add control variables to make your treatment looks like a random...
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    Transformation of variables

    it can make the distribution more normal, additionally, the most important is that it can obtain an elasticity interpretation in economics.