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    Comparing one normal and one skewed group

    Dear Forum, I have 2 groups for which I need to compare the length of stay (LOS) post-op: a control and a treatment group. My control group has the following descriptive stats: (n=66; Mean = 8.42; Median = 6.00; SD = 7.45; Kurtosis = 17.66; Skewness = 3.81), while my treatment group is as...
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    Skewed Population distribution.

    Dear hlsmith Thank you so much for your help. I am pretty sure the sample was done in a random manner. Sorry, a lot of this research was done before my time with this institution.
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    Skewed Population distribution.

    The population is about 40,000
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    Skewed Population distribution.

    Hi there, I have some question regarding samples and population distributions. Does a skewed sample distribution of n ~50 reflect the same skewness distribution from the population it came from? Does it have the same shape (e.g. both skewed to the right). When looking at the sample’s...