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    poisson distribution example

    If the mean rate of arrival in a restaurant is 10 customers per hour, what is the probability of having 4 customers arriving in any hour? P(4) =10ˆ4 eˆ-10 / 4! = 0.0000454 X 10000/24 =0,0189 but 0.0000454 this number seem wrong for me and if we reduce the arrival on 10 minutes we...
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    I have in my course this problem do you have any idea from people who work daily with stats ? the question is like that: the following data are available concerning the products of a firm taken at random from four factories, and classified according to level of quality: Factory A : from low to...
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    logistic student applied beloved stats

    Hi everyone, I get in touch with you to check my thinking procedure and my accuracy of stats knowledge which should be now quite low but I try my best even is not my mother language and my top quality topic I study logistics and I have so exam in stat for year 1 I guess after study I...