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    GDP time series average?

    Hello, I have a dataset of annual GDP for EU-28 countries in period from 1995 to 2016. I want to distinguish countries between those with higher GDP and lower GDP. What measure should I use? I cannot use MEDIAN GDP because result cannot be interpretable. What about Please advise with...
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    Casuality test interpretation help

    Dear all, I'm analysing time series using VECM model and Wald/Granger casuality test. As my reference article I'm using : I am getting confused at...
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    Panel data analysis - Granger casuality

    Dear all, I'm doing research about relationship between energy consumption and GDP growth of European countries in timespan of 20years. I would like to test a hypothesis : energy consumption does affects GDP growth. (if does, how? Unidriectional, bidirectional) As I searched through articles on...
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    Excel reggresion time series

    Dear all, I have a question regarding data input in excel in order to run a regression. The thing is that I have available data for 28 European countries in period from 1990 to 2000. How do I set data? Do I need to run regresison for every country seperately (28times) or can I put all data...
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    Most appropriate statistical method for master thesis

    Thanks you on your answers! BR
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    Most appropriate statistical method for master thesis

    Can I use data from each country for each year (27*28) into the regression model using SPSS? Sorry, but I'm really confused right now about doing my statistical research. Is there any simple method to compare higher rate of renewable energy production to lower emission/higher access to...
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    Most appropriate statistical method for master thesis

    Hi Karabiner, I currently have data for 27 years for EU-28, but surely I can get data for every country seperately. I just mentioned multiple regression, since I remember it the best from the courses at university, but I would like to get some other ideas which method to choose. My main...
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    Most appropriate statistical method for master thesis

    Dear all, I'm currenctly doing my empirical part of my master thesis with title: Socio-Economic analysis of investment in Renewable energy. As a part of my research I would like to test 2 of my hypotheses: 1. Higher share of Renwables in energy mix reflects in lower Energy import. (EU-28) 2...
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    Sample Size

    Hi, I'm working on my empirical part of Master thesis. I'm trying to test my hypotheses regarding effects of increased generation of Renewable energy on Energy import (increased Renewable sources should decrease dependency on energy imported) Linear regression should be the best choice, but...