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    Lasso with restricted Parameters - SAS

    Hi All, I want to do Lasso regression, with restricting parameters in SAS Q1) is this possible in SAS Q2) what is the difference between Proc HPGENSELECT and PROC GENMOD/PROC GENSELECT ?
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    Bonferroni Correction in Constructing Confidence Intervals

    Since you have 5 variables, you probably take only the coefficients which are significant at 1%(0.05/5) significance level.
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    Prove the difference

    It's a multivariate normal distribution. Do multivariate Normal test to see if the Group mean is equal to (50,40,10). to find out the extreme individuals, use the outlier detection concepts in multivariate context.
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    Random sample question.

    variability comes under confidence interval...not on the estimate
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    Calculating model (Analytically)

    cov(y,x) = -30*(var(x)+cov(r,x))+4*cov(x,w) =-30*10+4*20 =-220 coefficient = cov(x,y)/v(x) = -220/10 = -22
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    Random sample question.

    estimate = 100*2/10
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    Beginners Questions

    read about 'outlier detection of a normal population'.
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    Ratio of number of cases to control

    It should be okay, as you have lesser healthier subjects, better limit your tests to 1 or 2. for doing more tests you should take more healthy subject. read more about sample size in the DOE context.
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    Finding a set of 3/4/5/6 uncorrelated variables

    Do 20*20 correlations table, you can pick the sets from there.
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    Temperature Statistics

    Yes it should work.
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    Temperature Statistics

    It's simple, create 3 data columns with 365 reading for 3 different places you mentioned. say c1, c2 and c3. now take d1=c2-c1 and d2=c3-c2. you can see that d1 and d2 follow normal distribution, using KS test you can prove that d1 and d2 are not significantly different. hence you proved that...