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    Factor Analysis

    Hi! I would be very grateful if you can help. I'm trying to adapting an existing scale to my culture for my thesis. The original scale has 3 sub-dimensions, that is, 3 factors were required in my factor analysis too. But when I did the analysis, I saw that the scale did not work. That's why I...
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    Loglinear vs. Logistic Regression

    Oh really, thank you that was very helpful. I will look at these sources :)
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    Loglinear vs. Logistic Regression

    Thank you so much for your answer :) I decided to do binary logistic regression.
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    Loglinear vs. Logistic Regression

    Hello! I have a question about SPSS. In my thesis, I have four categorical (2 levels) variables. Three of them are IV and one of them is DV. I know I need to use Loglinear analysis or Binary Logistic regression. But what is the difference between Loglinear analysis and Logistic regression...