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    General Question Regarding Construction of Confidence Interval

    Hi! I have a very basic question regarding confidence intervals. Given I want to construct a confidence Interval for the expected value mu of normally distributed Random Variables. As an estimator for mu I use the sample mean, \bar(X) = 1/n sum_(i=1)^n X_i that is. Now I want the real value...
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    Maximum Likelihood Estimation Exercise (short)

    Hi I have found the following exercise while trying to understand the Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Practice: "In a random sample of 1000 Swiss employees, 78% stated that they received a pay increase for the current year. What is the MLE for the share of employees with a pay raise?"...
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    Prediction with Residuals

    Hi I am a very beginner so sorry for the very simple questions. I have first a very general question regarding the linear regression. This is my understanding of it so far put in a simple example: I have a set of data points x_i for 1 <= i <= 10, for instance the age of ten people...