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    Non-Parametric Analyses. Report medians and 95% CI in graphs?

    Okay so, I'm currently writing my thesis, and I have to do non-parametric tests. I know that I have to report the medians in text. However, I'm doing graphs. Just wanted to ask whether anyone knows if I report the 95% CI and the medians in the graphs? When i do this it looks super weird and...
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    Running non-parametric repeated measures analysis with split file on

    Okay so, I'm currently writing up my thesis, and I've got 2 between group variables and 3 within-group variables. I'm not doing a mixed design ANOVA because my data is non-normal (I'm all okay with doing non-parametric). What my main question is, is whether it is okay to run say a...
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    NEED help with PLANNED COMPARISONS question please :)

    Ok so i have this question for uni. where i have to test the hypothesis that "Using a planned contrast approach, test the hypothesis that the following combined groups have equal means on the google_academic dependent variable: ‘primary’ combined with ‘high school’ versus ‘undergraduate’...