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    Bland Altman Plots

    If you can consider one of the machines as the standard or as a control, I would recommend a Linearity study. It is similar to the regression that you propose, but then compares the bias against the confidence limits of the regression to determine whether the bias/slope is significant. Again...
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    Bland Altman Plots

    Are you trying to quantify a relationship between the bias and the magnitude of the parameter being measured? You used parameter X and factor Y, so I am not sure what you are trying to do.
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    Bland Altman Plots

    The Bland Altman plot focuses solely on the differences between measurement methods and the variation of those differences. The variation of the measurements themselves, which could be impacted by the inclusion of both eyes, does not enter into the calculations. This is also true for a related...
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    RM Anova or Factorial Anova

    This is mostly correct, and is correct from the perspective of your question. Regarding the sample sizes, this will make the design unbalanced. Balance in a design is desirable because it maximizes the power of the design, but is not a requirement. You can still analyze the design, but are...
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    Confidence intervals exceeding 100% and going below 0% for mortality rates

    It sounds like you may be using confidence intervals for interval data rather than binomial confidence intervals for proportions Interval data are not bounded by 0 or 1.
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    How to remove negative values from a bell curve?

    Time based data is rarely normally distributed. I would try other distributions that commonly model time based data such as weibull or lognormal.
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    MSA on calculated values

    It would be correct to calculate the R&R on the secondary condition using its specification.. While it is calculated, it is still dependent on the measurements used in the calculation. This forum tends toward statistics used in the social sciences. There are very few of us that are involved...
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    How to calculate standard deviation within/between

    You can find the data set that Minitab uses for the example here.
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    Correlation analysis: spearman or pearson

    Pearson's correlation does assume linearity. Spearman's assumes monotonic increasing or decreasing, so it may or may not be linear. Spearman's is less sensitive to outliers in the tail areas, and can handle ordinal data. However, since it is based on ranks, it is less powerful than Pearsons...
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    Standard Score (z-score)

    Are you under the impression that the magnitude of the standard deviation depends on the magnitude of x?
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    How to calculate standard deviation within/between

    On the assumption that you meant the Between/Within capability study, the methods and formulas used may be found on Minitab's help site.
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    How to calculate standard deviation within/between

    @prashant_ora I am a Minitab power user. Are you referring to the Between/Within capability study? If not, please show the path to what you intend.
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    Seasonal Time Series

    You can find a lot of time series data sets at the US Census Bureau website.
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    Why is there a difference in the confidence intervals calculated by SPSS compared to SAS and Epi-Info 7?

    Also, some software offers multiple options for a given test and may offer a different default test. For example, Minitab offers three options for the normality test: Anderson-Darling, Ryan-Joiner and Kolmogorov-Smirnov, with the A-D test as default. If another SW package set K-S as the...
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    Why is there a difference in the confidence intervals calculated by SPSS compared to SAS and Epi-Info 7?

    Have you tried going to each company's website and looking up the CI formula used?