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    Welcome to TS. Looking forward to your participation.
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    ARIMA (2,1,0) = ARI (2,1) Please : (

    Translated: 1) Obtain the point predictions of Wt = (1-L) Yt 2) Obtain predictions of Yt points 3) How are the parameters of this model estimated? Explain How is it calculated / developed? Photo please. Please
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    Help needed - including a continuous factor in an ANOVA vs. Covariate analysis

    In most cases the various methods will provide same/similar results. A covariate is typically used in ANOVA when you assume that it is significant and want to control for it, but it is not part of the hypothesis. It is not a design factor with treatment levels, but is observed and recorded...
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    Advice on Statistical Test

    That is unnecessary. Try your Inbox then Start conversation.
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    Advice on Statistical Test

    This analysis was just on the three stores. I filtered out all the other stores.
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    Advice on Statistical Test

    The promo is statistically significant, but you will have to make a judgment on whether it is of practical benefit as the effect was relatively small compared to the overall noise in the data. However, small changes do add up over time. The first attachment is the statistical analysis using...
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    Advice on Statistical Test

    Thanks. That worked. What were the store numbers for those three stores?
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    Advice on Statistical Test

    I opened the zip file, but it was empty. No file.
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    Advice on Statistical Test

    My company blocks external file sharing sites, so I cannot access that. Try attaching as a zip file.
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    multiple IVs or multiple levels?

    The way that you have explained it, you have 1 IV (type of change) with 4 levels.
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    Advice on Statistical Test

    Can you attach the data, so we can evaluate it?
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    what test to choose?

    Your choices are limited as these appear to be nominal data. The typical test for nominal data is the chi-square test. However, the chi-square test is problematic with cell counts less than 5. Also, the counts are so large for class 5 that it will almost always result in statistical significance.
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    what test to choose?

    Did you intend to say that you have data for two groups? And, are these count data?
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    Compromise Function

    See G*Power manual, section 1.1.
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    Experimental Design Help

    Blocking is used to minimize the impact of a known or suspected source of variation that is not of interest in the experiment. All levels of the treatment should be equally represented (balanced) within each block. Experimental units should be randomly assigned to these treatment levels.