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    Kruskal-Wallis output problem

    Ok thanks, I'll try running the ANOVA then!
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    Kruskal-Wallis output problem

    I don't know what this means, I read that non-parametric test are used when assumptions of other tests cannot be satisfied, and since the histogram graph it's very far from a normally distributed one I thought to use this family of tests. So you are saying that to compare these groups I could...
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    Kruskal-Wallis output problem

    Hi everyone, I have some troubles understanding some result of my Kruskal-Wallis test: I want to compare a variable across these 3 independent groups, and since its distribution is not normal, I run a non-parametric test. The test tells me to reject the null hypothesis (p=.000). The mean rank...
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    my first empirical study - which test?

    Hi everyone, I’m preparing my first empirical research and I have some troubles with my study design because I’m not very familiar with data analysis and statistic. I want to study the effect of the country of origin of a product on the willingness to buy that product. In a survey I show 3...