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    Unobserved component models

    I have a feeling no one knows these. Where is Vinux...
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    Advice on Statistical Test

    miner is awesome....your rarely find someone so generous of their time.
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    All items missing for various questionnaires

    50 percent is a lot. But polls, increasingly, have very low response rates and are still used in the academic literature. Whether this is reasonable is beyond my expertise. Part of the issue on how reasonable it is to use such approaches is whether the people who did not respond differ...
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    Unobserved component models

    Anyone know anything about this form of time series? I am brand new to it, but it seems interesting to do time series, particularly using independent variables. Alternatives such as the use of pre-whitened ARIMA or vector autoregressive models are a lot more complicated or assume Stationarity...
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    Does SAS run on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 ?

    there are lots of things you can do with SAS other than stats. You can do business information, operations research, six sigma, presenting findings (notably by creating charts and graphs to show data you have run elsewhere). Or you can, as I do a lot, use it to run SQL (query data from...
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    Does SAS run on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 ?

    It works on Apple and androids, I don't think this includes the Galaxy. I don't think this includes running stats however.
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    All items missing for various questionnaires

    There are a wide range of methods such as multiple imputation to handle missing data.
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    Hazardratio statement, interaction in Proc Phreg (cox-regression)

    I think you need to specify a reference level in the hazardratio statement. This is what the documentation says (I don't see an example of how to do this, but I believe it is in this statement not in the Class statement) AT (variable=ALL | REF | list <...variable=ALL | REF| list> ) specifies...
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    calculating the effect size

    But how often do you see those actually addressed even in the academic literature :p
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    Bootstrapping in SAS

    Good luck hlsmith, I have spent the last 5 years reading the time series literature and still remain confused :p This is the link that raised my interest.
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    calculating the effect size

    I think you will find that the effect sizes that are stressed are those between two variables notably slopes in regression. Or odds ratios perhaps. I have never seen the model effect size emphasized.
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    Measure of dispersion in a time series

    I am not familiar with IQV and have never seen it raised in the time series literature. The only time variation is generally raised, or that I have seen it raised that is, in time series is in issues of changing variation such as in GARCH or ARCH models. I doubt that would be of interest to you...
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    calculating the effect size

    R squared does not get at effect size, its a measure of explained variance of the entire model (only when your dependent variable is interval or ratio in nature). Effect size in regression is usually thought of as the slope coefficients for specific variables. You can generate standardized...
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    Regression Question for Measuring a Corporate Campaign

    Well if you are running regression, or ANOVA, you have to meet all the standard Gauss Markov assumptions such as independence, no Multicolinearity, linearity etc. Any standard book on regression overs those. I think the key would be to control for factors that might influence sales other than...
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    IVs in Regression

    It would not be multiple regression obviously since you have one IV. But you just run the same method that you run with multiple IV. Certain calculations and definitions would be different, but that is not really a critical issue.