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    Can I use a set of LSTMs to simulate counterfactual states?

    Motivation: I have a system comprised of three probabilistic boolean timeseries and I want to simulate how two of them would react, if a certain intervention would take place (lets say, timeseries 1 can be influenced and will definitely be "0" for the next 6 observations). (The managerial...
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    Interaction between a time-varying and a time invariant variable? (Panel regression)

    Hi everyone, I have got a question regarding the specification of interaction effects in panel regressions (fixed effects within estimators). I would like to know: Can I create an interaction-term between a time-varying and a time-invariant variable? Some background: My data is from...
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    Which multilevel approach is the right one? Help needed choosing a method.

    Hi everyone, I have a data set with a very specific structure and I am looking for a suitable way to analyze it. To be more precise, I am considering cross-classified multilevel modeling or multiple membership modeling. However, I am facing great difficulties understanding the exact structure...