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    Inaccuracy of Non-Parametric Bootstrap for great sample sizes in Excel-VBA

    My aim is to evaluate the performance of parametric and non-parametric Bootstrap under specific circumstances; and particularly their ability to capture the population mean within their produced confidence intervals -from now and on when talking about "coverage" I mean the ability of the...
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    Poisson/Gamma model (empirical Bayes), prior distribution parameters calculation

    Hello everyone, I want to calculate the α and β estimates of the prior (Gamma) distribution for the Poisson/Gamma model based on the Empirical Bayes method, however I cannot find any closed-form equations from literature. Any idea? Thank you in advance for your help!
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    Application of Empirical Bayes Method in Supply Risk

    Hello everyone, I am interested in creating a tool in Excel which would find estimates of the rate of occurrences of non conforming items received from suppliers. Based on the literature, the best way of approaching this problem is through Empirical Bayes method, and in particular through the...