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    Installing the "bivpois" package in r

    I have to install the "bivpois" package in the software R using Windows. Browsing on the Internet on StackOverflow site, I found different solution to my problem, but I cannot to solve that. The R version is the 3.1.2. I tried to install this package, as suggested by some on the Internet...
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    No collinearity between dependent and exogenous variables - Implicatrions

    I'm trying to test for autocorrelation in the residuals of an AR(p) model. The stata output is: "the exogenous variables may not be collinear with the dependent variables, or their lags" and no results. Can I conclude from this that the residuals are not autocorrelated? Thank for answering...
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    [STATA - Lag length criteria]: How can I explain the results?

    Good evening everyone. I got different output from the code: forval i = 1/118 { varsoc Illiq`i', maxlag(10) } that describes AIC,BIC,... lag information criterion, but I don't know how I can interpret them. How can I choose the correct number of lags on the basis of all these output...