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    How do I fit 266 unique variables on the x-axis? What's the best graphic?

    I have a .csv file consisting of 1000 rows that I exported from MySQL. I have 266 unique variables in one row. Two questions: 1. How do I make a graph where you can see the frequency of each variable (character string)? (The problem is that it only shows two or three of the variables and I...
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    I'm a newb to charts, graphs, and R --Ubuntu 14.04, Rstudio, MySQL, CSV files, Data

    Hi guys, I just wrote an introduction with a couple of reasons as to why I am here. Reason 1 is that I'm not sure where the divide is between big data and just a big MySQL database. We have easily over 1 million records right now in our database and I'm not sure if that is considered big data...
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    Data Scientist

    Hello everyone and thank you for welcoming me into this community! I started my career as a Data Scientist exactly one year ago today. I love my job and I love what I do. I mostly create parsers and natural language processors so my day typically consists of talking with my AI programs and...