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    Point Prevalence over 5 years when only given data for 1 year

    Hi all, I'm abit confused about a tricky sort of Prevalence calculation. So here's my problem- Sample of 500 people. In 1 year 5 participants will develop incurable blindness. Assumptions - No blind people in population to begin with and perfectly even occurence of blindness throughout...
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    Odds & Risk Ratio

    Hi, Just wondering if In a Prospective Case-Control 'risk factor' analysis with a relatively rare outcome of interest (6.7%). Does the Odds Ratio produced from 2x2 tables equal or roughly approximate to the Risk Ratio? If so would i be justified in reporting my Odds Ratio as a Risk Ratio...
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    Logistic Regression with Continuous Predictor Variable

    Hi, Just a quick question... For my Honours project I am running a risk factor analysis, therefore I've been using logistic regression. When using categorical predictors this whole process hasn't been a problem. However I have one variable that is 'Continuous' & this is giving me some...