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    Item-Level Multiple Imputation to Produce a Total Score for a Measure?

    Hi, all, a quick question regarding multiple imputation . . . The multiple imputation examples I've seen appear to opearate at the scale/inferential level of analysis, i.e. using all measures' total scores to predict other total scores and using imputed scale-level predictions in inferential...
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    Imputing Data for a Case w/ No Values for a Given Measure

    Hi, all, I have a measure for which I have two cases missing values for all items. The missingness is MCAR (due to experimenter error); is it possible (and more specifically, to any degree methodologically sound) to impute values for these cases' items using observations from other available...
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    Syntax for a Non-Parametric (Friedman/Rpt. Measures), Nested ANOVA?

    Hi, all, how sweet it is to discover a stats forum w/ helpful users like yourselves. :D Here's my first (but certainly not last) question for you all: I have a 2X2 IV/repeated measures DV design w/ nested small groups (random effect variable; see Anderson & Ager, 1978). My measures are...