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    Sorry I will rethink my question Thanks Rodrigo
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    Thanks I will change my focus
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    drop repeated school`s by years

    Hi all, sorry for a cross posting.. I have a little big problem: I have a big dataset (n=6.000.000) with a school variable and year variable, i would like drop or flag the schools that repeated in differents years, I tried to use repeated report but I failed in these task. I appreciate...
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    fixed effect with ancova

    Hi all, I need calculate fixed effect with ancova analysis (spss or genstat). My experiment was on fishes growth with differents diets (8): 15 fishes in each tank (each diet in triplicated, 3 tanks for each diet, total tanks:24). I need calculate p value for fixed effect: tanks and diets...
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    diet treatment model

    Hi all I have an experiment for growth with fishes and diet treatment´s in differents tanks... I have differents diets (8) in 24 tanks, each diet in triplicated, i want determinated the tanks and diet effects. I had use genstat and spss for calculate them, but i have some comfussion how...