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    PROCESS or regression?

    Hi, I am a bit confused about this problem. I would appreciate if i could get some help. Conduct the analysis necessary to answer the following question: There is a well-known positive relationship between number of hours spent self studying and marks. Previous research has thus...
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    Discriminant Analysis? Or something else?

    Hi guys, This is my homework question. I would appreciate if i could get some idea of where i'm wrong. Determine whether the variables Smoking, Weight and Alcohol Consumption can be used to discriminate between the three diagnostic categories or levels of heart disease (0=no heart disease...
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    Which test to use? Correlation or Regression

    Hi, I need some help with choosing the statistical analysis. Details of my study. all participants will complete surveys measuring self compassion, whether their psychological needs are met, how high on non attachment scale they are and other trait scales. then, Half will be given some...