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    Standardizing X to standard normal

    Which one is the correct way of standardizing i.i.d x_i's to a i.i.d standard normal in R 1) z<-(x-mean(x))/sd(x) 2) z<-(x-mean(x))/ (sd(x)/sqrt(n)) = (x-mean(x))*sqrt(n)/ sd(x) 3)z<-(x-mean(x))/ (sd(x)/sqrt(n/n-1)) = (x-mean(x))*sqrt(n/(n-1))/ sd(x)
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    Standard Normal and T-Distribution

    I thought as much Dason. If possible may you go over the attachment just to confirm.
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    Standard Normal and T-Distribution

    Is the attached statistically sound? I want to use the t-distribution's moments to infer on a standard normal distribution. I am saying if Z is standard normal then Z also follows a t-distribution with n - 1 degrees of freedom.