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    Moment Generating Functions

    The discrete random variable X has probability function p(x)=4/(5^X+1) X=0, 1, 2,... Derive the MGF of X and use it to find E(X) and V(X). I have managed to get this far: Mx(t) = Σ(e^tX)(4/(5^X+1)) e^(tX) = 1 + tX + (t^2/2!)X^2 + (t^3/3!)X^3 + ... So Mx(t) = Σ(4/(5^X+1)) +...
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    Help needed!

    I am having some trouble with the following problem... Investment trusts are companies whose sole activity is the owning of shares in other companies. Each trust may, typically, hold shares of 100 or more selected other companies. The dividends paid by investment trusts are thus the dividends...