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    Is my approach correct for this binomial distribution question?

    The original question does not display.
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    Factor Analysis Question

    Seems like a programmatic issue. Perhaps, something related to in-memory variables. Try to reverse score in a separate Excel file and then load it into a fresh session of whatever software you are using.
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    Calculating a weighted mean/SD of x number of means/SDs?

    This statement is unclear: "Because of heterogeneity in patients, region X in one patient may have 40 separate data points, in another 90 points, in another 17 points." The whole thing may be a simple case for meta-analysis.
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    Is my hypothesis test correct?

    The hypotheses go the other way. "At least" means H0: ... >= ... And therefore H1: ... < ...
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    Is there a Mann Whitney test alternative when all variables are categorical?

    You can use chi-square test for independence if the expected frequency in each cell (for each combination of the categories) is >= 5. Separately, you can always us a randomization test, which is a variation of bootstrap.
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    Need help evaluating a PCA

    You do not. Factor loadings (if using the traditional definition) tell you how to represent the original variables in terms of factors. They do not tell you the reverse: how to calculate factors in terms of the original variables. The easiest approach is saving the factor scores (in SPSS, R...
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    Yes, you can. Choose the optimal penalty coefficient (λ) using leave-one-out cross-validation. It is likely to be substantial.
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    What statistical test for my data?

    You have to build a generalized linear model (GLM) of the form: Var3 ~ Var1 + Var2 GLM types to consider: Poisson regression, negative binomial regression, Poisson regression + zero-inflated component, negative binomial regression + zero-inflated component. You can choose the "optimal" GLM...
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    Is "time analysis" possible here?

    Yes, you can study the time effects using a panel-data model. The following framework must work in your case: DV_ij = α_i + β_1 * Time_j + β_2 * Time_j^2 + γ_1 * X_i1 + ... + γ_p * X_ip + ε, where DV_ij is the dependent variable for participant i and survey time j. You can consider two...
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    Historical research question

    Which photos? Nothing got attached... Aside from that, extensive attachments are bad style. You are asking for an advice, not for somebody to look deeply into your work and perform formal consulting... Also, please make your textual description shorter, straight to the point. Thank you.
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    What package to install

    Fair enough. Pretty great people go a long way towards something great in life.
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    Covid-19& presidential election analytics

    I am very sad, time after time seeing people who think they came up with an original and topical data analysis question: Covid-19.... There is too little data. Statistics is the science about what to do with data. One needs data.
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    What package to install

    @Dason, why is Iowa best? Any advantages over CA-1 or PA-1? Very curious.
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    What package to install

    The PA-1 mirror has always worked well for me. I believe it's Pennsylvania.
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    Clustering of variables with time and grouped data

    If we have repeated measures, it is still ok to apply clustering to variables. It would not be ok to apply clustering to observations. Variables are like people, going through all kinds of related and unrelated situations. And some people remain friends through life, and some people don't.