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    Change over time in quality of life outcome

    Hi Karabiner, I should have clarified that this is merely a hypothetical example I have, not a real study, as part of a self-thaught class meant to help me improve my knowledge about various statistical methods for clinical trials (hence why I mentioned I'm a newby and with 0 experience with...
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    Change over time in quality of life outcome

    Hoping someone might help point me in the right direction with some questions I had (newby at stats, with 0 experience doing analysis with questionnaire data). Let’s say I have some participants who are administered a questionnaire at Baseline and then at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months (see table...
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    Correlation and ROC analysis with repeated measures data

    Hi all, I have a hypothetical study where participants are taking drug X per standard of care. I have 3 different timepoints (baseline, therapy, post-therapy follow-ups) at which participants have biomarker sampling and echocardiograms performed. Exploratory objective: efficacy; Exploratory...