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    What is the probability people are forecasting correctly with standard spreadsheets?

    It seems that many people are using standard spreadsheets to forecast, getting correlation coefficients, etc. However I decided I needed to write my own computer program so I could work out the likelyhood of the forecasting being correct. 1) If there is not sufficient correlation then...
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    Hypergeometric distribution appears to have hidden problems

    When I was writing a computer program to calculate hypergeometric distributions probabilities I had some funny results. This is because I just used the condition I found in a stats book. The book says: p(x) = formula with x =0;1;....;n where n is the size of the sample drawn and p(x) = 0...
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    Poisson and binomial distributions

    I composed this question: A hospital has 20 ambulances and on average 2 break down a day. There are five ambulances in reserve and if more then five ambulances break down in a day there are problems. What is the probability that in a 30 day period there will be problems? My approach is this: I...